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  1. Kacpus_

    pls help

  2. Kacpus_

    pls help

    Hello, I have a problem with mta. When I enter a server, I can play for about 2-3 minutes and it says "network trouble" and kicks me out of the server. I have the same in other games
  3. Kacpus_

    Help pls

    Yes, but when it disables all server files, it works normally. It seems to me that some scripts kill me and the server owner, at this point we check which scripts are working and which are not.
  4. Kacpus_

    Help pls

    after turning off all models and substitutions, the problem persists.
  5. Kacpus_

    Help pls

    This only happens on one server. On others, it works normally Okay, I'm going to install MTA and GTA SA from scratch
  6. Kacpus_

    Help pls

  7. Kacpus_

    Help pls

    It does not show me this error anymore, but now when I enter the server when the server files are downloading to me and the game freezes
  8. Kacpus_

    Help pls

    Yes, I tried. It didn't help
  9. Kacpus_

    Help pls

  10. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/1000006254
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