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  1. then i need someone to help me i don't understand anything in script and what to type give me a tutorial
  2. i want to let everyone in my server gets a 20 minutes countdown upside the screen when countdown becomes 0 everyone teleports to a map second idea : random choose after everyone teleports to the map the script will choose a random player to get a killer role.. and everyone will get notification about this but the game wont say who is the killer third idea (well its a skin) killers skins : i want skins of the killers that in horror game or creepypasta like.. granny slendrina slenderman jeff the killer and more... last idea : countdown in the survive game too when you play and teleport to the another map you will get another 20 minutes countdown.. try to survive and you'll get 5K$
  3. i want to make a jumpscare cutscene in the server like : there are too many killers.. killer 1 killer 2 killer 3 and more.... if killer 1 killed a player the player will get a cutscene about killer 1 jumpscaring him.. and then the player returns back to the spawn base can you make this script for me? plz
  4. Good day, guys. I'm going to make a server in Mta and I want a login panel with a song and background video (like mp4 or webm) but I don't know how to make a login panel because I don't know anything about scripts, so can you help me make a login panel or just give me one with a song and background video.. I'd also like to know how to add a skin selection to the login panel after a player registers/logins.
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