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    @Tut I am sorry for opening the topic again.. but I think that there was a misunderstanding or a mistake.. what are my severe actions.. at least explain my actions to me.. I explained the whole story and that I did it once and I was alone and it was not harmful to anyone and no one complained about me and my record Clean .. It has been two years since the ban, meaning that the person changes during that period and matures .. Please reconsider the matter because I am sure that there is an error in the subject
  2. @Tut It's been about a month since this topic, I've been waiting for a long time
  3. @Tut Good evening.. I appreciate the busyness of the management staff and their good work.. and I hope that my issue will be looked into.. 21 days have passed since it
  4. @Tut Will I be pardoned and the ban canceled or not because I am burning and waiting for a response and return to play, I am afraid that the answer will be delayed a lot and finally the request will be rejected.. I hope for an answer anyway so that I can rest, please
  5. I think it's not that serious.. I was banned about two years ago for a simple reason I mentioned above. It was suspected that I collaborated with a team etc. I swore it was a single mistake, all of a sudden and it wasn't planned. I have no history of hacking or harming players.. I ask you to forgive this simple mistake with your generosity and forgiveness
  6. @Tut Good evening or good morning, according to your timing.. The topic has not yet been answered.. Is the topic being reviewed or is there some missing things in the topic.. I have presented the full true story and I hope for your understanding and kindness.. Please reply because I long to play and if there is For any inquiries or questions, I am ready to cooperate
  7. @Tut @Dutchman101 Objective notice and reminder. For your information, I was not warned or given a chance at that time..maybe because I did not explain the story..but I did explain it now and i swear it's true
  8. Hello supporters, I would like to explain my story and I hope to listen to all of my words with your kindness and understanding, please. At the outset, I will not say I did not make a mistake or that I am innocent. I will explain everything. About two years ago I was playing mta and FORTNITE and it was common for my friends in FORTNITE to use a DDOS program that they used against those who provoke them there etc. I was reckless and said why i not try it in the MTA I tried it and after about 3 days I was banned and the reason was "T.L / AC DDOS CLAN "Then I came here to the forum to ask why, because I forgot that I had done that wrong. Big Brother Dutchman replied that you were banned for cooperating with a team to harm the players and you will not be tolerated, and then he banned me from the forum... and I swear that I did not cooperate with any team I did not mean to cheat, but I was curious that I tried this program and I deeply regret it. I tried to evade the ban by replacing some parts of my device with the devices of my friends, but you were revealing me every time. Then I told myself that it was necessary to explain the story and confess my mistake to the honorable anti-cheating department. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope for your kindness my serial : 29A72E808B6BF6C2C07DA6D56EC1CDA1
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