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  1. this is the error i get when i try to join a server can someone help me i have tried to look for the offset error and no luck this one doesn't appear on any site Version = 1.5.9-release-21125.0.000 Time = Thu Feb 3 14:46:15 2022 Module = C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\libcef.dll Code = 0x80000003 Offset = 0x028294DE EAX=00000000 EBX=3F5CA20A ECX=3772F4B8 EDX=7FFFFFFF ESI=3772F500 EDI=3772F928 EBP=3772F914 ESP=3772F4C8 EIP=3A4994DE FLG=00000246 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0063 GS=006B
  2. Is it possible to host a server with linode or only the ones ya have on your site
  3. sorry i got it working already just forgot to update it here
  4. hey how is everyone i have been trying to get MTA to work on my system (ubuntu 20.04) for some time now and i have finally got it to at least open the exe file to see the servers selection, well once i get to that part i get the error that is in the title. i was wondering if i can get any help with this topic since i want to play with my brother inlaw who has been asking me for a while now to play with him. before i was not able to get it pass stop playing with yourself loading
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