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  1. Thank you for your reply. Do you think that if there will be a change in this in the future, will be that version change of Lua mentioned in the changes section? I mean, how do we know that a change has taken place and do you think that version change is possible and needed for MTA? thank u
  2. Hello friends I am currently using version 5.3.6 of Lua on MTA successfully... i wanna know what other versions of Lua does MTA support? and where can i see them if there is any list or information. i searched in wiki but didn't find anything about it thank you
  3. Hi friends I have a question about how to use vehicle variant in createVehicle() example : vehicle name : romero | vehicle id : 442 | variants : coffins: 0 = brown style1, 1 = Black Style2, 2 = Brown Style3 [ref] thank you
  4. Is this number available by default ? or you have to use a special method to reach it ? And if we have a powerful server, it is possible to support more people?
  5. Hello family I just want to know what is the maximum number of players allowed for an MTA server according to the latest MTA update and the latest possible methods? I know a server with a capacity of 1000 people, is it possible to exceed this number? Thank you.
  6. Thanks, but are you sure that we only need this 3 things for the whole process ? does html useful tho? does mysql uses sql ? Tnx again.
  7. Hello guys I recently had ideas for setting up a server in MTA. I heard a bit about lua and its characteristics. I wanted to know what programming languages are needed to set up a game server in MTA and manage it from beginner to professional. thank you.
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