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  1. Exactly that they change position when you change weapons like the script that is in the community script.
  2. what I mean is that if there is a script where the same weapons are on the back with the one in the image but with several where when they change places they move or are placed on the back with the bone_Attach scirpt, excuse my bad I'm tracing English
  3. I made a level system with images, let me explain what it does is that when you go to the next level, an image is put, that's all, the problem is that I can't find the way to see the image when I log in or start the code. I hope I have explained I am using the google translator. Help me please I'm a scrippting newbe
  4. ¿Is there someone who made the script of the weapons on the back with the "bone_attach"? There is one in the community but that is not integrated with the player's movements.
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