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  1. i replaced d3d9.dll, did not help @ccw could someone help me?
  2. Version = 1.5.8-release-20809.0.000 Time = Tue Jan 26 21:00:21 2021 Module = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\D3D9.DLL Code = 0xC000001D Offset = 0x000E5446 EAX=81FA8A40 EBX=88760869 ECX=00C9C040 EDX=32C9E9D8 ESI=00C9C040 EDI=05D998C0 EBP=0177FC08 ESP=0177FB78 EIP=6D1C5446 FLG=00010206 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B
  3. online help not working i have got updated dx9 and drivers
  4. 100% sure i dont know how to deal with it and dont know is it a solve my single player works worse also before upgrade i had about 110fps and now i barely have 70
  5. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/358783369 https://pastebin.mtasa.com/358783369 i change numbers in stream.ini before the scan, its not a reason in this problem
  6. firstly i was using malwarebytes but after reinstalling system i did not instal any av ok i made scan using mtadiag, where i have to put it? pm to any admin or where?
  7. from dell h77 lga 1155 to biostar h61v2 i dont have problems in other games 120-200fps in csgo 80-100 fps in gta5 on very high mobo is compatible, its not question of hardware
  8. here you can see components usage and ingame fps when im close to other vehicles: i got this problem every server i play before upgrading my pc everything was fine (look at fps in the corner)
  9. yo after i change motherboard, disc and operating system my game behaves really weird i got fps drops everytime im close to other vehicles when im close to 5-10 vehicles my fps going down to 30 or less im sure its mta problem because i tried a lot of options to fix my game including reinstalling whole operating system specifications: i7 3770 3.40ghz 8.00gb ram gtx1050 ti 4gb with updated drivers win 10 64bit updated grand theft auto original v1.0 from cd without any mods
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