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  1. whatever dont need any help, even sorry for asking help, fu @ll. happuh wel lekkah hiero.. LB
  2. I got it only put this line: setPlayerMoney( source, 0 ) into the onPlayerWasted handler. lordy? give me next time beter help or say nothing if you not sure much beter if you not give peeps help becouse your answer sux. i think that mr lordy not realy want give people help, but only gives stupid answer to get more post. .
  3. nvm i dont get it anyway... i must first read http://development.mtasa.com much more. thx anyway.
  4. I try to make onPlayerWasted that you lost the cash, but i dont get it, any can help me? theRoot = getRootElement () theResRoot = getResourceRootElement ( getThisResource () ) addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", theRoot, function ( attacker, player ) local money = getPlayerMoney(player) if ( attacker ) then if ( getElementType ( attacker ) == "player" ) then takePlayerMoney ( player, money ) setPlayerMoney( attacker, money ) end end end ) what i do wrong!!??
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