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  1. So this is interesting, yesterday on this post I replied saying that I've not had the issue in around 3 to 4 days. Tried to see whether the issue would occur again however Mta was still running normaly. I tried re-creating the bug and succeeded. However, it doesn't really make sense. The way I was able to re-create it was by making the MTA.exe always open as admin. What's strange about this is that even before making this thread, I was running mta without admin privilages and would still receive the bug. It gets even stranger... I've never actually checked accurately what fps I get (100% feels constant low fps), however. I downloaded Fraps and loaded up bugged MTA to see what fps I actually receive. The results are weird... Below i've uploaded an example video to show what happens when the bug is active (Includes me joining a server) Below is a video demonstration on me opening mta with the bug as well as my temporary fix
  2. I'm curious whether you receive the same issue as I did. I read your previous post earlier today and saw you mention you'd receive lower fps than usual. Difference in my case was that I would load MTA and in the menu I would have around 15 fps locked, no up and no down. Worth a try really to see whether my temporary fix works for you as well. Try switching from whichever screen mode you have on (standard, borderless window keep res and windowed) to another one and back to your original whether it improves or not
  3. Apologies for not replying in a while, I was mainly just waiting to see whether the issue comes back. Since i've added the Multi Theft Auto.exe as a non-steam game, I've not had the bug in around 3 to 4 days. Just posting my Windows 10 update history below
  4. Hello My issue is simple to explain, only difficult for me to understand as to why it happens. Basically, 1 in 2 chances I will open up MTA and will be stuck at around 15 fps as apposed to 60 (both in menu and any server). The way I would go around fixing it would be either, A: Running this cleaner tool from Asus which would remove unnecessary background processes (Windows & Some of my apps). I stopped doing it because it would mess up my Wallpaper Engine and Corsair iCue. Method B: is me changing my in-game setting screen type from borderless keep res to standard. This would obviously require me to restart my game, and then I would have to switch back to borderless keep res. 2 restarts later and that would fix my MTA (Whenever i switch from borderless to standard I'm back at 60 fps, thing is that I just don't like alt tabbing with standard). This issue was active as well before I formatted my PC fairly recently and installing it onto my new SSD. I'm all up to date on everything I'm pretty sure. W10, gpu and cpu drivers, bios etc. Running the game in admin mode also doesn't help. I've ran the MTADiag tool, here are the results https://pastebin.mtasa.com/878008193 Hopefully someone knows the reason for this happening and can help out. Thanks for reading
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