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  1. ege


    what functions can i use to make a system like that?
  2. ege

    help me please

    how to generate a vehicle with plotting only by a group
  3. I'm new to this business, I just do the basics, I was wondering if you can help me
  4. Eu queria saber como fazer um sistema de camuflagem como o vídeo, e posso fazer isso pelo ACL I was wondering how to make a camouflage system like video, and can do that by ACL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQfCWacwvCM
  5. ege

    Unknown Error

    https://prnt.sc/t7nbh3 It always happens when you create an account
  6. ege

    Unknown Error

    How to solve Unknown Error
  7. ege

    Color4 Zm

    Does anyone know color 4 for Zmodeler, I know that Color1 is Prim, Color2 is sec, Color3 is 3rd, and someone knows how to tell me which color 4 is
  8. ege


    I wanted a permanent ID system, but it only appears on the scoreboard
  9. ege


    I was wondering what color 4 is on the freeroam panel, because I know Color1-Prim, Color2-sec, Color3-3rd, but color 4 I don't know can someone help me?
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