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  1. All objects are samp default objects, nothing custom modeled.
  2. Hello guys! First of all i want to say thanks to my followers for this amazing journey across Youtube. This map is for my followers and for this comunity, its an early Christmas gift to you all. And for the end if you are still not subscribed on my Youtube channel, please do it now! More maps like this will be uploaded on my Youtube channel, how fast? Depending how much support will i get with this map. Thanks! VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/FrKvD9kcr4s DOWNLOAD LINK: https://pastebin.com/7FBU4bfY
  3. Hey guys! I feel sorry for SAMP logo on pictures but these maps can be used in both samp or mta servers. I really hope this will not be a problem, because im not promoting samp, im promoting my maps, my art/work. Thanks in advance! If i need to remove that logo i will do it. 1.) VIDEO LINK: 2.) VIDEO LINK: 3.) VIDEO LINK: 4.) VIDEO LINK:
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