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  1. Use Autodesk 3DS Max with Kam's GTA Script
  2. Hi! Some of my custom vehicles dont have a license plate, or have license plate as an image in the txd file. How can i put the original license plate to custom cars? Thanks in advance!
  3. Okay, thank you for the answer!
  4. Hi. I downloaded a complete server from the internet, however the debugscript command does not work. When i type it, nothing happens. Not even an error. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi. I want to do something when the player hits a line. How can i do that? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys. Can someone tell me where is the default /me command's script? I start a vanilla MTA server, only play resource is running and the /me command is still working. I dont know where is it.
  7. <info author="Admin" type="script" name="balik" description="balikcilik"/> <script src="fish_server.Lua" type="server"/> <script src="fish_client.Lua" type="client"/>
  8. Use onClientResourceStart and resourceRoot
  9. Paste your full script and meta.xml
  10. There is no ped damage event for server side. Create a client script and add this to it.
  11. function cancelPedDamage() cancelEvent() -- Cancels the onClientPedDamage event end addEventHandler("onClientPedDamage", getRootElement(), cancelPedDamage)
  12. Thank you so much.! Its Working!
  13. Sorry but i nevers used xml functions. Could you explain it a little more? Sry for bad english.
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