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  1. denyk

    F11 label

    Hello im doing a label on bind to see it on map but it don't show me that label will you help me with that please? function init() loadstring(exports.dgs:dgsImportFunction())() label = dgsCreateLabel(...) dgsSetVisible(label, false) dgsCreateLabel(0.02,0.04,0.94,0.2,"Library",true,init) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, init) function toggleGUI() dgsSetVisible(label, not dgsGetVisible(label)) end bindKey("F11", "down", toggleGUI)
  2. denyk


    I dont know what u mean, what i have to change like boolean use for true & false, and the text in the string what text u mean , please can u send me how it have to looks like? Thank you
  3. denyk


    Hello, i have big problem with my script when im in vehlib and i edit car i want to save my car but it says this: [main]/mysql/connection.Lua:206: bad argument #2 to 'mysql_escape_string' (string expected, got boolean) [10:08:27] ERROR: [main]/savevehicle-system/s_savevehicle_system.Lua:49: call: failed to call 'mysql:escape_string' [string "?"] [10:08:27] ERROR: [main]/savevehicle-system/s_savevehicle_system.Lua:62: attempt to concatenate a boolean value [10:08:27] ERROR: [main]/vehicle-system/s_vehicle_system.Lua:583: call: failed to call 'savevehicle-system:saveVehicle' [string "?"] [10:08:27] ERROR: [main]/vehicle-system/s_vehicle_system.Lua:903: attempt to compare number with nil [10:08:27] ERROR: [main]/vehicle-manager/vehicle-handling-editor/s_handling_system.Lua:358: call: failed to call 'vehicle-system:reloadVehicle' [string "?"] [10:08:27] ERROR: [main]/vehicle-manager/vehicle-handling-editor/s_handling_system.Lua:366: exports: Call to non-running server resource (logs) [string "?"] Can you someone help me with this, my handling won't to save and when i buy that car it have normal handling but not from vehlib
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