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    The White Rabbit

    Then the cheshire cat pic. Is it a login to somewhere, user:cheshirecat ?
  2. Donny7878

    The White Rabbit

    Nope, Big Ear is only one dish and if you notice in the video it's got the same black box at the bottom as in the pic, I'm 100% sure this is the picture with the left hand side cropped. These are two of the other pictures also: Orange (notice the leaf shape) Rabbit (the stick he is holding stands out) The rabbit is what the ascii rabbit is from the wiki, although in the video it's the above pic (not the letters etc). The oranges is ofcourse "Orange" or "Onrage" and it's also the Asciipartyrabbits avatar on youtube. The Rifk one has been found but finding the others would help more so we can maybe get a password together for the bmp file or another link but the image from the .dmp file is the next clue. Edit: Also a quote to think about (backwards talking like in the megaupload flac files): Source - http://preaprez.wordpress.com/2009/08/1 ... agic-pill/ - magic pill, alice, some kind of Matrix hint ?
  3. Donny7878

    The White Rabbit

    Does anyone know what this is ? It's in the youtube video but the antenna is cut off, it comes from here.
  4. Donny7878

    The White Rabbit

    That youtube video shows a bunch of screenshots and stuff, in the media section the very first thread (this one) the guy has a white rabbit in his siggy (Liviu), probably nothing but still worth posting. We should try and figure out the pics, who took them or posted them and find the originals of each one. The oranges one is the ASCIIPartyRabbits avatar on his youtube account, the Rifk one has been found so what are the rest of them ?
  5. Slowly, the AI will be a bugger as I've been thinking alot about it but I've done some of the GUI and deal/shuffle code just to get going. http://img22.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=guishow.png Ignore the duel screen crap, had paint open in the other one but the left sides of the shots are the ingame GUI. You and three bots for now, I'll put the game logic in this weekend so you can start one and bet, be dealt cards etc (basic play), the AI will come after that.
  6. Indeed this was the case, I should of picked up on that sooner. The code was like this when it wasn't working: -- gui function JoinBtn = guiCreateButton( 0.800, 0.950, 0.100, 0.050, "Join", true, MainBgdImg ) end addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", JoinBtn, PlayerRequestJoin, false ) But when I changed it to this it works: -- gui function JoinBtn = guiCreateButton( 0.800, 0.950, 0.100, 0.050, "Join", true, MainBgdImg ) addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", JoinBtn, PlayerRequestJoin, false ) end Thanks for the help again dude, it's apreciated !
  7. I seem to have an issue here but I can't work out what is "bad" about it. -- top of script local JoinBtn = nil -- called when the resource starts, it creates the GUI element (button) JoinBtn = guiCreateButton( 0.800, 0.950, 0.100, 0.050, "Join", true, MainBgdImg ) -- above the event handler function PlayerRequestJoin( button ) --some code, if ( button == "left" etc, this is the mouse button not the element (source) end --bottom of script addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", JoinBtn, PlayerRequestJoin, false ) The bad argument is on the last line there, the event handler. I've been working off these pages -> OnClientGUIClick & AddEventHandler. From what I understand I have to create the variable for the button, create the button and assign it's element id or whatever you would say to the variable I created and now I add an event for the gui element (button I created) being clicked in which case the handler function I linked in the event handler should fire with the button element (the one clicked) being it's source (JoinBtn). If this is correct then I thought I had done that and maybe I have overlooked something or I'm not understanding it correctly. Sorry to keep asking these question, just having trouble adjusting to the way it works.
  8. Yeah that's what I was originally thinking when I first thought of adding AI. Every slot which isn't taken up by a user will be filled with a bot so if it's only you playing then it's you and (hopefully) seven other bots.
  9. That's a good point dude, I may aswell have a go then.
  10. I'm currently working on a Texas Hold'em reource, I'm at the point where I need to think about adding AI to the mix or should I keep it just for actuall players ? I'd just like your opinions as to if AI would be a good thing or not so I can add it now or not. Also I think the limit right now would be four total players but when I fix the stupid GUI bugs I keep creating then I may be able to add upto eight at a time, the design of the GUI is far from finsihed. So opinions please if you have them, the player limit is also up for debate or whatever you want to add, it's all good after all you are the guys who will be playing it.
  11. Makes sense that, it would explain why some other code isn't working also. Works perfectly when using your code so cheers for the that and the info, it's apreciated.
  12. Server: addEventHandler( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function () outputChatBox( "Welcome " .. getPlayerName ( source ) .. " to the test server" , source, 255, 255, 255 ) fadeCamera( source, true ) setCameraTarget( source ) spawnPlayer( source, 0.0, 0.0, 3.0, 0.0 ) triggerClientEvent( source, "onRequestBuildGUI", getRootElement() ) end ) Client: addEvent ( "onRequestBuildGUI", true ) addEventHandler ( "onRequestBuildGUI", getRootElement(), CreateGUI ) function CreateGUI( source ) outputChatBox ( "The CreateGUI function fired", 255, 255, 255 ) end Just trying to trigger the CreateGUI function when the player joins and send the message (currently) but for some reason I'm getting nothing. I debugged the trigger and it is sending the event trigger (returned true) but the client never seems to get the call or doesn't want to fire the event, could you tell me why ? I have been working from this page on the Wiki -> TriggerClientEvent
  13. Cheers for the reply and the link, I'm glad it's been noted and hopefully a fix for this will be included in a later version. If I myself come up with a fix for it then I shall post but until then I'll keep away from hills hehe.
  14. Nightly build server side code, a command spawns these. --command local tanker = createVehicle ( 514, ........ local plane = createVehicle ( 511, ........ attachElements ( plane, tanker, ........ The attach offsets for the plane on the tanker are: 0, -4, 3, ........ --this is the x, y, z, the rotations are 0 So the plane is attached ontop of the tanker a little behind the driver doors, all this is good and works great but my problem is that if I say drive off Chilliad or any steep slope then the plane will detach itself and later respawn itself ontop of the tanker again. What I require is a fix for this where the plane and tanker will stay attached at all times if that's possible please and if not then oh well (sh!t happens) but where should I report this and could it possibly be fixed in a later version do you think ? Thanks.
  15. Indeed this worked fine, loaded first time and all that. Cheers for the help !
  16. I followed some of those suggestions none have helped/changed anything as far as I can tell. I don't think it's the exe as it works with the DP version but not with NBuilds but I'll find a no DVD patch or whatever and apply that to see if it works. Again thanks for the reply and if I fix it I'll post here what I did incase anyone else has the same issue.
  17. Thanks for the reply. I do that but like before it just cuts off after showing the MTA loading pic (stop playing with yourself). I get a small egg timer with my normal cursor for a second then it just goes away and nothing happens, the process isn't showing in my task manager either. I can install and play the developer preview with no problems, it's only when I try the nightly build this happens. {Edit} These are my logs, 'core.log': 'logfile.txt': Oh and I can start a server no problem but I just can't run the game through the 'Multi Theft Auto.exe', it just quits after the MTA loading screen (before any GTA splash stuff).
  18. Can someone give me a step by step guide (in newblet language) to getting the latest build working ? I have these files/archives etc on my desktop right now: mtasadm_v1.0-dp2.3.exe mtasadm-1.0-r547.exe multitheftauto_data-r407.exe multitheftauto_net-r541 multitheftauto_resources-r92 MTA10 MTA10_Server cegui-0.4.0-custom-src r203 I have no MTA files installed and a fresh copy of GTA Sa installed in the default folder (prog / rock / GTA), I would really like to try out the latest builds so if anyone could give me a run through of exactly what to do now then that would be great. I've been searching here and google for a while but everything I've found has either failed to launch GTA or gave me errors and asked me to reinstall so I've uninstalled everything and started again many times but no joy. I just really need to be told where all the different contents go like the data and the MTA10 folders etc but a guide from freshly downloaded to installed would be great. Cheers !
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