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  1. I open the youtube browse,r everything is ok for 2 seconds and wants to accept cookies - I click on accept and nothing happens.
  2. If u like the video - like, subscribe, comment, share Thanks
  3. Hello guys, how to make a banlist, mutelist and chat logs from my MTA server into my site ( https://dixiklo-servers.xyz/forum/index.php ) , I tried with a resource "webbans" or something like that and it didn't work.
  4. Ok nvm I found an another way, you can lock the topic but if anybody wants to make it for free, do it ;d
  5. Hello, I have a car shop resource, but people throw away they cars in the ocean or the car shop and there are 10+ cars in one and they explode, this is a problem. Can you edit this mod so people who not join in 48 hours get their cars despawned but it must stay in F2 and they can get it back by clicking on "Bring it here", the resource has this function. Or every 48 hours - despawn all cars but pls make function that spawn the car when it explode or something on the last place where it was (position bring it here) Also, can you make a function that outputchatbox when you try to enter the car its owner? It is really important, the resource cause lags because of the too many cars, I need it very soon. I can pay € from PayPal, I really need it and I can't code it. Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r67hdUy8EoOi3WKOfb0GbgjSDjdqvCGc/view?usp=sharing
  6. It shows 1.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and the owner but when the owner leave the server it resets and doesn't show the owner, or when join again - doesn't show
  7. Apf, I was sleepy and I defined client.Lua as a server, now It is working but it has a bug: If the owner leave the server and connect again when I write /owner it shows that this car doesn't have an owner.
  8. The script is not working. :[ @VenomNX
  9. I will check it tomorrow and I will write. Thank you
  10. Like triggerserverevent or what? And how to make a "radar" for these cars, I mean how to see the driver list of the car in front of me, not to all in the server?
  11. Hello, I'm new at Lua and I want help - can you give me a script which when I'm near a car write /owner and it shows a GUI or idk outputchatbox with the last 5 drivers for example.
  12. I think I fixed it, lock the topic. Thanks
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BeqND1xf3iuCvATVB28ofkg1njb-5IPT/view There are too much scripts
  14. I don't see errors from this resource. https://imgur.com/a/RIMWh6M
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