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  1. Hello! https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/98-german-deutsch/
  2. Becaue the author of this topic is russian and translating this topic into russian let me answer in russian. Ask me if anybody need the translate. Дайте пожалуйста код в более нормальном виде, а не тексте. Опишите что вы хотите чтобы скрипт делал и когда именно возникает ошибка.
  3. Пришлите пожалуйста весь код. I guess it should be moved into russian section.
  4. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/97-portuguese-português/ I am not sure that I'd translated it correctly but if you want to change the voice key then you can change it in the client setting, "voiceptt". I guess that still nobody can change it for the whole server.
  5. Try this. function bp() gnrl = getElementData(source,"Money") or 0 -- if gnrl is new and uses only here use local gnrl = ... if getElementData(source,"opexp") == "2500" then local new_money = tonumber(gnrl) + 1000 -- you should be sure that "Money" is number. setElementData(source, "Money", tostring(new_money)) outputChatBox("u got it", source, 255, 0, 0) end end I am not sure that is will help you because I am sure that on the new lua versions you can use "string" + number. Also, you can try to debug it. addCommandHandler("debugmoney", function(thePlayer) local money_data = getElementData(thePlayer, "Money" -- only in the case where the player is element with "money" if money_data then outputChatBox("Element Data of Money is "..money_data..".", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255) end end)
  6. I have no idea how can I do this, had tried something but nothing happens. I want to send the file via fetchRemote using multipart/form-data. Have someone experience in this stuff?
  7. Okay, after the beer is over I had realized that I had not restarted an "admin" resource. This is my fault. Sorry for this topic. The problem is solved. Also I am sorry because it was a very stupid mistake. I lost about 2 hours on this.
  8. I tried to export function "aSetPlayerMuted" but got the debug "failed to call 'admin:aSetPlayerMuted' [string "?"], I don't give an anything what's wrong. Maybe I still did not realize how to use call function. I hope that someone will help cause I did not did anything since 2 litres a beer. Thanks everyone who will send something under. Code of the script: if str[1] == "/mute" then if str[2] and str[3] then if tonumber(str[3]) then local seconds = str[3] * 60 local thisPlayer = getPlayerFromName(str[2]) if thisPlayer then exports["admin"]:aSetPlayerMuted(thisPlayer, not isPlayerMuted (thisPlayer), seconds) I am sorry for the screen but this is the code from of the meta.xml I do not plan to sleep until I will fix it. The function of the admin-resource: function aSetPlayerMuted ( player, state, length ) if ( setPlayerMuted ( player, state ) ) then if not state then aRemoveUnmuteTimer( player ) elseif state and length and length > 0 then aAddUnmuteTimer( player, length ) end return true end return false end I'll be sorry if this is a very stupid mistake...
  9. Erlkonig

    [HELP] block

    Do you want block the health of the vehicle on 400 if the source of damage is minigun or just block any damages for vehicle from minigun? Use this https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientVehicleDamage
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