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  1. Hi guys Since i will quit from MTA soon , i want to sell some of my resources one by one Angela's world its a game talked about an evil planet. You should help Angela to eat all the flowers even if the planet goes angry. This resource makes players challenge each other and earn moneys. A video from gameplay if anyone want it , he should PM me. Price: 25$ thanks
  2. هدا المشكل يحدت معي في أي مرة أشغل الام تي أي قبل ما أضع سماعات الرأس. لدا حاول اعادة تشغيل ام تي أي. وادا لم يشتغل الصوت . حاول تنصيبه من جديد
  3. its client side script with custom animation combined with setPedAnimationSpeed. custom animation is just a standard animation edited a bit.
  4. use animation for that. you will get smooth fast run without accelerate the game and without glitchs like this mode :
  5. نسيت ازالة هدا السطر من الكود . كان لتجريب فقط print(1)
  6. function respawn_player_w(source,time) print(1) if isElement(source) and getElementType(source) == "player" then setElementAlpha(source, 100) setElementData(source, "SpawnProtected", true) toggleControl(source, "fire", false) setTimer(function () setElementData(source, "SpawnProtected", false) setElementAlpha(source, 255) toggleControl(source, "fire", true) end, time*1000, 1) return true else return false end end function call_spawn_function(ammo, attacker, weapon, bodypart) respawn_player_w(source,10); end addEventHandler('onPlayerWasted',root,call_spawn_function); حسنا جرب هدا الكود . عندما يموت الاعب انتضر 10 تواني
  7. الكود الدي وضعته انت هو جيد و ليس به اي خطأ. أعتقد مشكلتك هي طريقة استدعاء الفنكشن.
  8. your question is about lua language performance and not about dx rendering .
  9. DicoSky

    Help Me

    add it to acl via admin panel. or stop the server ----> add it to acl like what you did ----> start server
  10. this function dayzconnect:MySQL not exported well. Try to start dayzconnect game mode first then start dayzmode resource after. if that not worked , check if the function (dayzconnect:MySQL) exported well in dayzconnect meta.xml.
  11. He went to eat. When he returns he will completes the question
  12. المشكلة في الوقت. فاغلب المبرمجين لديهم عملهم و في وقت فراغهم يكفيهم فقط للمساعدة في شيء أو دعم سرفراتهم
  13. DicoSky

    [help]Ghost Mode

    what is the problem ?
  14. DicoSky

    Help Me

    setResourceInfo : its a protected function and you must give it some rights to use it so , give admin right to GTWcore resource may solve your problem.
  15. Hi guys Some friends asked me about the code for gta v camera or at least similar one, so , here is the code for it : local camera_pan; local camera_tilt; local camera_temp_x; local camera_temp_y; local camera_temp_z; local camera_offset_x; local camera_offset_y; local camera_offset_z; local player_game_x; local player_game_y; local player_game_z; local first_enabled = 0; local mouse_move_x = 0; local mouse_move_y = 0; local camera_speed = 0.8; local enable_sidecamera = 1; localplayer = getLocalPlayer (); local fps = false; local function updateFPS(msSinceLastFrame) fps = (1 / msSinceLastFrame) * 1000; end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, updateFPS) function check_gui_elements_visible() local windows = getElementsByType("gui-window") for i,window in pairs(windows) do if(guiGetVisible(window) == true) then return true end end return false; end function isPedAiming ( thePedToCheck ) if isElement(thePedToCheck) then if getElementType(thePedToCheck) == "player" or getElementType(thePedToCheck) == "ped" then if getPedTask(thePedToCheck, "secondary", 0) == "TASK_SIMPLE_USE_GUN" then return true; end end end return false; end function attach_camera(distance_x,distance_y) local is_any_gui_visible = check_gui_elements_visible(); if(is_any_gui_visible == true) then mouse_move_x = 0;mouse_move_y = 0;end if(isCursorShowing()) or (isConsoleActive()) or (isMainMenuActive()) or (isMTAWindowActive()) then mouse_move_x = 0;mouse_move_y = 0; end player_game_x ,player_game_y ,player_game_z = getElementPosition(localplayer); local time_step = 1; if(fps) then time_step = 1/fps; end camera_pan = camera_pan + 1 * mouse_move_x * time_step * 50; camera_tilt = camera_tilt + 1 * mouse_move_y * time_step * 50; if(camera_tilt > 0.8) then camera_tilt = 0.8; end if(camera_tilt < -2) then camera_tilt = -2; end local offset_x = player_game_x - distance_y * math.cos(camera_pan+180); local offset_y = player_game_y - distance_y * math.sin(camera_pan+180); local camera_x = offset_x - distance_x * math.cos(camera_pan); local camera_y = offset_y - distance_x * math.sin(camera_pan); local camera_z = player_game_z + 1 * -camera_tilt; camera_temp_x ,camera_temp_y,camera_temp_z = interpolateBetween (camera_temp_x,camera_temp_y,camera_temp_z,camera_x,camera_y,camera_z, camera_speed, "Linear"); camera_offset_x ,camera_offset_y,camera_offset_z = interpolateBetween (camera_offset_x,camera_offset_y,camera_offset_z,offset_x,offset_y,0, camera_speed, "Linear"); setCameraMatrix (camera_temp_x,camera_temp_y,camera_temp_z, camera_offset_x, camera_offset_y, player_game_z+0.5 ,0,100); end function camera_activation() if(enable_sidecamera == 1) then if(first_enabled == 0) then camera_pan = getPedCameraRotation(localPlayer)+180; first_enabled = 1; end local v = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if(v) then if(getCameraTarget () ~= v) then setCameraTarget (localPlayer); end else if(isPedAiming (localPlayer) == true) then if(getCameraTarget () ~= localPlayer) then setCameraTarget (localPlayer); end else attach_camera(1.5,-1); end end else first_enabled = 0; local v = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if(v) then if(getCameraTarget () ~= v) then setCameraTarget (v); end else if(getCameraTarget () ~= localPlayer) then setCameraTarget (localPlayer); end end end end addEventHandler ("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), camera_activation); addEventHandler( "onClientCursorMove", getRootElement( ), function (x, y,_,_ ) local mouse_move_x2 = (0.5 - x) * 100; local mouse_move_y2 = (0.5 - y) * 100; mouse_move_x ,mouse_move_y = interpolateBetween (0,0, 0,mouse_move_x2,mouse_move_y2,0, 0.1, "Linear"); end ); Example Feel free to ask any question about the code.
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