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  1. hi i need help with this code: --Calc by Zipper: function calcRGBByHP ( player ) local hp = getElementHealth ( player ) if hp <= 0 then return 0, 0, 0 else hp = math.abs ( hp - 0.01 ) return ( 100 - hp ) * 2.55 / 2, ( hp * 2.55 ), 0 end end i want this for hp AND Armor but i dont get it BTW its for a anmetag script
  2. aaaah with a shader.... thx for help
  3. hey guys, i need a x-ray/wallhack script to troll my friends on my server. i want to see the bodys of my enemys through walls, but i dont know how i know that it is possible, because i saw this on other servers... can anyone help me/show me a function sry for my bad english
  4. function sayglobal (player,_,msg) if getElementData(player,"LoggedIn") == true then --muted einfg for i,d in ipairs(getElementsByType("player"))do if getElementData(d,"LoggedIn") == true then outputChatBox("#F0E68C[Global]".."#FFFFFF"..getPlayerName(player)..": "..msg,d,255,255,255,true) dbSetStat(getPlayerName(source),"ChatSays",dbGetStat(getPlayerName(source),"ChatSays")+1) end end end end addCommandHandler("g",sayglobal) addCommandHandler("Global",sayglobal) i need help here. when someone chat it only show the first word of the text a person wrote. so if i do "/g hey i am JKiller55" the script will show "[Global]JKi: hey"
  5. Ja moin Nikkel habe das voicechat script editiert schicke gleich, aber ich sag im vorraus: Es kommt von der Lautstärke der stimme an, also wenn du laut schreien tust, hört man das duch min. ganz SF
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