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  1. I'll try to give you an example: let's say that this line below is the column line: __________________________________________ This is my text in the row that has reached the end of the line and this is the second line so when this part: 'the end of the line and this is the second' reaches the end of the line, And there is no more enough space, it will move it to a new line below the same text. Just like the example above, I hope you got my point now.
  2. @MTASAPLAYER Thank you for this function, But as @IIYAMA said, It's not gonna look nice, Cause it will split the characters to a new line like for example if this word reached the end of the line: Hello it will be splitted to for example like: He llo
  3. Do you mean like using: guiGridListGetColumnWidth Because the text will be inside the grid list.
  4. I mean automatic 'WordWrap' cause i want to make like a chat system using the grid list, so i want to check if the sender's text reached the end of the line, to put it in a new line under the text's line.
  5. Hello guys, i have this question, How to make a new line that contains the rest of the text, That has reached the end of the line in the grid list ? just like the memo does.
  6. XML

    [Question] Priv

    i will send the code in a private message to you
  7. XML

    [Question] Priv

    Hello guys, so i want to protect some files by putting them in the Priv path, So i had to make some codes to delete the file when the resource start, And then take the file's informations, And putting them in another directory which is Priv, by using: fileCreate ("@img.jpg") So the problem is how i'm going to make that file's path work in: dxCreateTexture it always says: file not found. So help please.
  8. انت شكلك منت قادر تفهم او تستوعب ان السيرفر الي مالكه مانستر وابراهيم كان ادمن عنده , وهو يستقبل الاخبار من مانستر ويجي هنا يقولها لكم لا تسوي فيها قفيط ومدري وش ترا كلامك كله غلط بغلط الاخبار تجيه من مانستر وهو يجي هنا ويقولها لكم لو كان على مانستر يجي هنا ويرد عليك بنفسه لكن الرجال مكبر عقله والدليل الميوت الي جاك عشان تفهم
  9. You mean to do a shortcut of the internal.db ? I already did that, And i got this error when i tried to do 'dbQuery': There is no such table .. etc
  10. I already have that tool and i opened the db with it, Without any problems. But when i try to connect to internal.db, Debug says: There is no such table .. etc So i tried to do: CREATE TABLE .. etc And see if it'll work or not, It worked but it returns only 2 booleans (true). It should return the data in the 'accounts' or 'userdata' or whatever table i want.
  11. Yes i know that, I know how to create a table and store or receive data, But what i mean is, internal.db that contains userdata and accounts .. etc, The main database, That you need to use set/getAccountData to store or receive data from it. But i want to know how to connect to it and get all of the data using: dbQuery - dbExec That's what i mean.
  12. Hello guys, I once heard that there is a way to connect to Internal.db, And get/set values in it using: dbQuery - dbExec .. etc I tried to get values in it, But i get this error: There is no such table called 'accounts' So my question is, How to do it ? Is there anyone did it before or knows how to do it ?
  13. XML

    [Question] Meta

    @iMr.WiFi..! What ? This is far away from my question.
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