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  1. I get realy pissed when somone takes my bike on a stunt server, so, dissable jacking on stuntservers would be good..
  2. what are you talking about slow? then, I have cable so ;P
  3. Vice City servivor? or maby just hide and go kill... ME and b0b0 wana make a video and call it "MTA: Jackass"....you should see some of the crazy crap he dose in game....
  4. Your computer would hop into your lap and start strangaling you at that point...
  5. Problem is, I never got to that part befor I had to format my dardrive from 2 vireses...so all my save data whent poo...I gess I'll have to start again...the bank is the last mition for the malabu right?
  6. Well we were trying to get a cady in there, then it cout fire so we baild and I was imedeately teleported in.....above the world so high......btw, that was on my webserver, same computer I play on... I have desided to turn it off when I play...couses major lag for me now that somone is useing it...
  7. It was on so I turnd it off, but can't tell how fast I go tell I can compare it...
  8. yes, I have 2mb cable and we wer on a server he started so we could make stunts, I had a ping range from 90 to 120 not too laggy, but still the favt that a packer was out running a cheeta desterbs me..
  9. not a cheet, a glich..this is in beta is it not?
  10. I notice that I am not going as fast as other people (taken by the fact that I was in a cheeta and b0b0 was in a packer...he was faster than me) I can't really outrun anyone.....help me....
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