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  1. Where can i find D3DOverider to disable it?
  2. @Dutchman101 actually the trainer.exe is always in my gtasa folder (shouldnt it be there?) serial: 7153A1283BA516F2FB9D48A8CD666644
  3. Well good job MTA:SA (y). @Dutchman101 it was ok all these 2 days now i get banned again idk whats wrong with that game but i only can say its worse
  4. heres the link of my gta_sa.exe ( http://upload.mtasa.com/u/231810529/gta_sa.exe_ ) @Dutchman101 here's the MTADiag: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/206441747
  5. @kleinmarquez Iam not using any camhack, as i said already i dont use anything
  6. @Dutchman101 actually iam clean, i havent anything started or added in my folders (MTA:SA, GTA:SA) i joined server 3, 4 times and it was always the same problem. After i got banned by "TRAINER" now iam banned cuz of a "EXEMOD" idk how to resolve this problem i didnt knew how to fix it so i tried to reinstaill both (MTA & GTA) but were same, and got banned once again for 24 hours. Where i have to extract these files?
  7. that :~ banned me once again, can a MTA Admin maybe help me there lol?
  8. Hello community, Yesterday i got banned on MTA:SA because of a "TRAINER" can someone tell me what it is and how i can off that :~? i dont want to get banned once again Regards Rambo.
  9. Is there one who would do it for me? i will pay ofcourse
  10. Actually i saw it once in a server, thats why iam asking if its possible to script @Simple01
  11. mhm actually a script which let me car getting rainbow color via using command to on/off it
  12. Hello guys, I've just got the idea to make an script which let GTA:SA cars seems like GTA 5 cars on damage. could u help me there? is it even possible? Regards Rambo.
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