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  1. Still doesn't work.. Outputing two index of 5 are the same like: 5,2,2,1,3 My new code: local peds = {} local createdPeds = {} local createPeds = { [1] = {1067.0164794922, 2035.6273193359, 10.8203125, 90}, [2] = {1067.0299072266, 2041.1890869141, 10.8203125, 90}, [3] = {-2067.029296875, 2035.0201416016, 9.8203125,90}, [4] = {2067.0295410156, 1032.1505126953, 10.8203125,90}, [5] = {1067.0295410156, 2027.8729248047, 10.8203125,90} } function getRandomizePos() local rnd = math.random ( #createPeds ) while createdPeds[rnd] do rnd = math.random ( #createPeds ) end table.insert(createdPeds,rnd) local x,y,z,rot = createPeds[rnd][1],createPeds[rnd][2],createPeds[rnd][3],createPeds[rnd][4] return x,y,z,rot,rnd end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () for index, v in pairs(dealerPeds) do local x,y,z,rot,rnd = getRandomizePos() local int = rnd peds[int] = createPed(0,x,y,z) if peds[int] then setElementRotation(peds[int],0,0,rot) end createBlip(x,y,z,6,2,255,0,0,0,0,600) end end
  2. But I need to return the cordinations with a function because I will use it to set blips..etc @bonus, can you help me please
  3. Not working for me, can you test it please to make it working?
  4. No, only 3 peds of 5 so the 3 Peds will keep changing the positions each time the resource started
  5. Always one index of these indexs got repeated for two times
  6. Not working, still the same problem
  7. Hello guys, I want to make a random ped creation but, when I use what I had done with in below, each time I restart the resource for the random ped creation one ped of the other peds get combined with the other peds. Here's what I had done with local peds = { [1] = {1067.0164794922, 2035.6273193359, 10.8203125, 90}, [2] = {1067.0299072266, 2041.1890869141, 10.8203125, 90}, [3] = {-2067.029296875, 2035.0201416016, 9.8203125,90}, [4] = {2067.0295410156, 1032.1505126953, 10.8203125,90}, [5] = {1067.0295410156, 2027.8729248047, 10.8203125,90}, } function getRandomizePos() local i = math.random(#peds) local x,y,z,r = peds [i][1],peds [i][2],peds [i][3],depeds lerPeds[i][4] return x,y,z,r end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () local x,y,z,rot = getRandomizePos() peds = createPed(0,x,y,z,rot) end) Special thanks to who gonna help
  8. Currently I have few files on it, it takes 15secs If I had already the client filles it takes less than 7 secs but I am afraid when I will have more filles. My ping on this server is betwewn 40 to 50. Note: I just found a new problem when my ping goes high for examle 500/1000ping I lose the connection from the server
  9. Yeah sounds good, I had used the URL Compression toll to make test and returned with a green color saying that "Compressed" results: Uncompressed Page Size: 0.8 KB Compressed Page Size: 0.4 KB Savings: 49.9% So that's done now? or I still have to do something else Note: Because the download is till slow like before And btw,thanks alot for helping me out to solve this, I appreciate that
  10. server directory = multitheftauto_linux-1.5.2.tar I just re named it
  11. I typed this command, and returned with this message: ls: cannot access /server/mods/deathmatch/resource-cache/http-client-files: No such file or directory
  12. But, when I try to test the compression at myip website, by entering the vps ip http://my_vps_ip/admin/client/admin_ACL.lua It says, 404 Not Found nginx/1.6.2 doesn't work
  13. I had followed everything and I got this error,
  14. I stuck on this point, Shall I open the file default of nginx folder with the SFTP and search for 'root' because there are about two lines with root and change them by this line? root /PATH_TO_MTA_SERVER/mods/deathmatch/resource-cache/http-client-files; And the same thing goes to listen? Find listen and changes it to listen 20080; I wonder, tell me what I have to do in this case please
  15. Hello, I had started a Debian Linux server x64, Status of it: core 1, 1gb ram, 24 GB SSD Storage, 2 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 125 Mbps Network Out And now, I have a problem with the client resources download speed are too slow for the clients (new players) it takes a while to download some KBs. Please tell me what I have to do to solve this problem, it's really annoying. ~Thanks in advance.
  16. I tried all what you told me and I was about to success, but I faced an error, NOTE: host ip... (IS ME) Anyone can help me?
  17. Hero192

    I need help

    worked tnx, one more simple question, I just want to be sure of it, Is it possible to make a message visible on all players by using root in client side?
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