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  1. Hello, as the title said, That's my current problem. I've tried to re-install my MTA and GTA, still the error keep ocurring. I need your guys help. thanks for your time
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    Error CL33

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    Error CL33

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    Error CL33

    Hello, i just installed new windows 10 on my pc. before installing i backup my old mta files,and move it to the new windows. then i launch it but problem occur it says mtasa is damaged or something and i need to download new mta from the website, so i did. i download and install it, i didn't even move old resources, its a fresh mta i didn't do anything to it yet. then i run it, different problem appear it says " Error[CL33] Main file has incorrect name (multi theft auto.exe) i didn't even rename or do anything yet. I thought my windows defender possibly detect it as a virus so it automatically deleted the correct one so i disable it, restart my pc and the problem still exist. I try to re-install it a lot of times but still the problem didn't solved.
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    Ahhh thank you very much, it work.
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    I cant use WTFast with MTA.1.5, WTFast really help me alot in playing since im playing a server with a host that so far from my place, any solution?
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