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    Cannot start

    Who ever told you: "Reinstall GTA SA"? What dragon meant is reinstall MTA. I have done that like a Quadrillion times.
  2. Mrkrabz

    Cannot start

    Sorry but i just saw other people also complaining that they don't get answerd, Meh anyway It's a fresh install of MTA and i don't see why i should reinstall GTA SA because SA-MP works and so does singleplayer Also the newer version of MTA works, But that Map editor sucks :< EDIT: how else can i get the older version to work? the race one?
  3. Mrkrabz

    Cannot start

    I have recently gone to Win7 and when i try and run MTA i get a error saying: Error! File corrupted Any ideas? Singleplayer and SA-MP work but huh D:? I'm running the old version of MTA because i like the map editor better But i have used this version before, and it didn't crash well on XP it didn't anyway Is this forum actually ever fucking used? Never reply
  4. I have asked samp.. They told me to ask here.. Well in the delux converter i need to get my checkpoints from the .map file.. I have gone through all the selections and it wont show the checkpoints for samp.. Help?
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