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  1. Lawliet Is Going to make it up ahead to 1.0.0 ! good job ! --MiNa
  2. No. Don't worry, it's going to be open source soon anyway. Be patient, it'll happen. Also, MTA DayZ is out now. It's a hotfix and fixes the following bugs: Active binds when editing text in group system No window appearing when trying to invite player You can get it here: http://mtadayz.heliohost.org/forum/index.php?topic=11 nice!
  3. الله يبارك فيك + مهم:السيرفر راح يقفل صيانة و لتحديثه الي احدث نسخة دايز النزلوها اليوم ! و التي ستاتي بافضل الميزات !
  4. مشكور كلكم بس تنطيل افهم بس ليش مسوي وجه حزين ههههههههههه ض
  5. شكرا علي مشاركتك و اتمني ان تزور السيرفر
  6. هلا بكم شباب اليوم جايب لكم سيرفر العرب ديزي سيرفر سهل و بسيط و تحميله خفيف 50-60 ميجا و الكونسولية موجودين لمساعدتكم و بنوزع اغراض يوميا لو اعجبكم السيرفر ما بتخسرون شئ لو تجربوه mtasa:// الايبي فوق
  7. Mta Sa Dayz Server A.1 *Friendly Staff *Easy DayZ Server *Daily Loot Distribution *Support Team Ready To Help You IP:mtasa://
  8. 1- you fixed my problem 2-its not the same name 3-i putted it in a sever side 4- you fixed my problem man tnx
  9. i already replaced it and edited my mta not working
  10. tnx i will try it edit: not working
  11. i have tryed to change a weapon model with that code addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",root, function () weapontxd = engineLoadTXD ( "cuntgun.txd" ) engineImportTXD (weapontxd,357) weapondff = engineLoadDFF ( "cuntgun.dff",357) engineReplaceModel (weapondff,357) end) i putted this in server side any help ?
  12. Are you sute this Admin Panel kick's you out ? If yes then look in console or in logs to see what's the problem. Edit: I just check'ed the code and this resource doesn't have any kick functions at all. It must be from other resources you have. all i have DayZ and all its addons
  13. it keeps kicking me from my server for NO Cheating Please! what can i do ?
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