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  1. Alright, i fixed it. If someone faces same problem the answer is inside the maps, i found a map which loads .COL and .DFF, and then affects all other maps on the server, and if i join other server, same shit happens, it crashes MTA engine. Hope this post will be helpful!
  2. Im getting strange collision bug for object: vcarshade This bug only happens sometimes, i can drive through the object.. I've tryed to: Server function RestoreCols ( ) triggerClientEvent ( "collisionRestore", getRootElement(), collisionRestore ) end addCommandHandler("eik", RestoreCols) function RestoreModel ( ) triggerClientEvent ( "restoreClientModel", getRootElement(), restoreClientModel ) end addCommandHandler( "nx", RestoreModel ) Client function RestoreCollision ( ) engineRestoreCOL ( 8557 ) engineRestoreCOL ( 8558 ) engineRestoreCOL ( 3458 ) engineRestoreCOL ( 8838 ) end addEvent ( "collisionRestore", true ) addEventHandler ( "collisionRestore", getRootElement(), RestoreCollision ) function ResetModel ( ) engineRestoreModel ( 8557 ) engineRestoreModel ( 8558 ) engineRestoreModel ( 3458 ) engineRestoreModel ( 8838 ) -- Object / Vehicle to restore to default GTA one. end addEvent ( "restoreClientModel", true ) addEventHandler ( "restoreClientModel", getRootElement(), ResetModel ) Does have no effect.. Im getting annoying by this bug
  3. Thanks for help. I've taken server sided code from MTASA Resources. Changed variables, it working fine now.
  4. I'll already did it by other way. It adds account! function registerr ( username, password ) if ( username and password and type ( username ) == 'string' and type ( password ) == 'string' ) then account = addAccount ( username, password ) exports.bar_messages:outputMessageBar("Successfully signed up! Now you can play", source, 0, 0, 0, 5000) end end addEvent( "register1", true ) addEventHandler( "register1", root, registerr ) How can i make that when player click's register button "as shown upper" to check if account already exists ?
  5. outputChatBox("Error creating account, contact the server admin.",source) Client addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", root, function (button, state) if button == "left" and state == "up" then if (source == buttonHover) then username = exports.dxEditBox:getText( "1" ) password = exports.dxEditBox:getText( "2" ) triggerServerEvent("register1", localPlayer, username, password) outputChatBox("Username: ".. username .." Password: " .. password .."",255,255,255,true) end end end) Server function registerr( username, password ) if(password ~= "" and password ~= nil and username ~= "" and username ~= nil) then local accountAdded = addAccount(username,password) if(accountAdded) then outputChatBox("Thank you " .. getPlayerName(source) .. ", you're now registed, you can login with /login",source) else outputChatBox("Error creating account, contact the server admin.",source) end else outputChatBox("Error creating account, correct syntax: /register ",source) end end addEvent( "register1", true ) addEventHandler( "register1", root, registerr )
  6. You can only execute commands created by Lua. You cannot execute MTA harcoded commands due to security reasons. Oh..
  7. Newbie

    Hunter pickup

    function checkForHunter(number,sort,model) if sort == "vehiclechange" then if model == 425 then if (getElementData(source, "Hunter") == false) then setTimer(hunterBonus,200,1,source) end end end end addEvent('onPlayerPickUpRacePickup') addEventHandler("onPlayerPickUpRacePickup",getRootElement(),checkForHunter) addEvent("onMapStarting", true) addEventHandler("onMapStarting", getRootElement(), function() for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType('player')) do setElementData(v, "Hunter", false) end end) So far i made that player cannot take a hunter again, but there's problem, some maps has "stacked" hunter pickups, and it gives me bonus many times.. is there any way to fix it ?
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    Thanks for help, i made what i needed for!
  9. Newbie


    Nah.. I've tested it again, same problem lol
  10. Thanks Tasty! I've did it in my way, tested,working fine: addEvent("15s",true) addEventHandler("15s",getRootElement(), function () for i, sound in ipairs(getElementsByType("sound")) do setSoundVolume(sound, 0.1) local sound1 = playSound("data/files/wreckingball.ogg") setSoundVolume(sound1, 1) local soundLength = getSoundLength(sound1) setTimer(unmuteSounds, soundLength*1000, 1) end end) ----- function unmuteSounds () for i, sound in ipairs(getElementsByType("sound")) do setSoundVolume(sound, 1) end end
  11. For those who don't understand what im trying to do: i need to play this: local sound1 = playSound("data/files/wreckingball.ogg") louder than any other server sounds.
  12. Newbie


    ) expected near =, line 4
  13. Thanks for your help, but that's a radio made by .pls streams So, okay. Here's my sound (this should hear loudest) addEvent("15s",true) addEventHandler("15s",getRootElement(), function () local sound1 = playSound("data/files/wreckingball.ogg") setSoundVolume(sound1, 1) end) And theres way to make him loudest, set all other sounds volume to 0.5 and keep my sounds as 1. function muteSounds () for i, sound in ipairs(getElementsByType("sound")) do setSoundVolume(sound, 0.5) if sound == sound1 then setSoundVolume(sound1, 1) end end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, function () setTimer(muteSounds, 50, 0) --To make sure that the sound is already playing end) It seems to be playing my sound at 0.5
  14. The thing is that i have to mute map songs or custom radio. Somehow.. StopSound Wouldn't do this i think
  15. addEvent("1s",true) addEventHandler("1s",getRootElement(), function () local sound = playSound("data/files/better.ogg") setSoundVolume(sound, 1) end) is it possible to mute other sounds while playing this ?
  16. Newbie


    Can someone show me an example of destroyElement, i never used this so far. Thats what i got with setting LOD distance: function lager(thePlayer) for i=600,800 do engineSetModelLODDistance(i, 1) end end addCommandHandler("antilag", lager) 600 - 800 ID's Threes, some plants. Setting Model Lods, isn't the best way.. Well its working fine, but i think i should better use destroyElement
  17. Newbie


    And what if i use: engineSetModelLODDistance ?
  18. Newbie


    Since MTA Race maps became very "cluttered" with useless objects like hipoly trees and ect. That causes lag / FPS drops for some players. About the idea, is is posibble to hide specified obejcts for player ?
  19. Never mind. Thanks for trying to help! Fixed it by myself
  20. I think it will make more badly.. addCommandHandler('nextmap', function( player, command, ... ) local query = #{...}>0 and table.concat({...},' ') or nil if not query then if g_ForcedNextMap then outputRace( 'Next map is ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ), player ) else outputRace( 'Next map is not set', player ) end return end if not _TESTING and not isPlayerInACLGroup(player, g_GameOptions.admingroup) then return end local map, errormsg = findMap( query ) if not map then outputRace( errormsg, player ) return end if g_ForcedNextMap == map then outputRace( 'Next map is already set to ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ), player ) return end g_ForcedNextMap = map outputChatBox('Next map set to ' .. getMapName( g_ForcedNextMap ) .. ' by ' .. getPlayerName( player ), g_Root, 0, 240, 0) end ) g_Forced calls .. getMapName
  21. triggerEvent("onBoughtMap",getRootElement(),mapName) This part works fine.. And now im trying to set a map P.S Default Race. function SetNextMap ( mapName ) g_ForcedNextMap = mapName end addEvent ( "onBoughtMap", true ) addEventHandler ( "onBoughtMap", getRootElement(), SetNextMap ) [2015-03-22 00:35:35] WARNING: [gamemodes]\[race]\race\racevoting_server.lua:773: Bad argument @ 'getResourceInfo' [Expected resource-data at argument 1, got string '[DM] Audio v4 - Dream Experience'] [2015-03-22 00:35:35] WARNING: [gamemodes]\[race]\race\racevoting_server.lua:773: Bad argument @ 'getResourceName' [Expected resource-data at argument 1, got string '[DM] Audio v4 - Dream Experience'] function getMapName( map ) return getResourceInfo( map, "name" ) or getResourceName( map ) or "unknown" Line 773 end Need help so far.
  22. Newbie

    A problem

    Hello. so today im facing a problem.. When i type /replace it changes mod to every server players, not only for me, where did i made a fail ? Server: function ReplaceCommand (thePlayer) local account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) inf1 = getElementData(thePlayer,"inf1") if inf1 > 0 then outputChatBox("#ff6464[infernusShop]:#FFFFFF Enjoy!",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) triggerClientEvent( "replaceVeh", getRootElement(), replaceVeh ) else outputChatBox("#ff6464[infernusShop]:#FFFFFF You don't own this mod!",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end end addCommandHandler( "replace", ReplaceCommand ) Client: function ReplaceVehicle ( ) outputChatBox ( "" ) txd = engineLoadTXD ( "data/model/inf1.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( txd, 411 ) dff = engineLoadDFF ( "data/model/inf1.dff", 0 ) engineReplaceModel ( dff, 411 ) end addEvent ( "replaceVeh", true ) addEventHandler ( "replaceVeh", getRootElement(), ReplaceVehicle )
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    Hello. Is there any ways to make this gridlist look "better" Thanks.
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