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  1. Hey,You Must post your topic on "Show Room" Not on Support.
  2. Lazem t3mal haga asm7a arena system Mafesh scripter Mmken ya3mlha be 5 $...
  3. My3rfsh ya3ml haga dah na f5ny 3la el Skype. ..
  4. It's not always easy. Have you ever seen how race maps ([DM]) maps look like?Full of decoration and track,and it's hard to make it look good. That depends on person's imagination. Not only imagination tho there are a lot of stuffs like loop programs and more
  5. Easy for you maybe but isn't easy for others
  6. Why there is no mapping team? That's team can help players who need to know about mapping like scripting team that's help players who want to learn lua ect...
  7. Awesome like that's map I've a race server and I'm interesting to get DM mappers My Skype:ahmedmostafa1232
  8. You using the right version have you try to restart mta or re-install it? There are some objects you can't remove them by map editor can you take ss for what happens for you?
  9. There is no limit for items or object of vehicles
  10. Nah, it's okey u are helping a lot of members here!
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