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  1. Make your GUI in relative, every single label,image,button etc, it will automaticly be resized for every resolution.
  2. Dear Community, Today i was trying to upload a script to MTAvc but i was getting an error time over time. The error was: The meta.xml in the zip is invalid. Please check it for errors. Can you guys help me? Thank you Regards, Thelaser
  3. Well, i first thought that too, that i was using 1.3. I checked it and it wasn't there and i already had it with multiple maps. Same problem for screenshots i just realised...
  4. Dear Reader, I've got a problem, Since 1.4 came out, i downloaded it normally and putted it in the D disk. Now when i finished a mapping on map editor, i can't find it back in the 1.4 > server > deathmatch > Resources folder. Does anyone got an idea, where i can find the maps? I do have different local servers, but only one is called server. I hope you guys can help me Regards, Thelaser
  5. Hello Community, I need your help I've got some scripts and a sql database and i need to put some Quarry's in but i have no idea how to call them. a friend of me helped me with one. but i don't know the others. For carshop this one local queryString = "INSERT INTO `personalvehicles`(`model`, `health`, `fuel`, `r1`, `g1`, `b1`, `r2`, `g2`, `b2`, `mod0`, `mod1`, `mod2`, `mod3`, `mod4`, `mod5`, `mod6`, `mod7`, `mod8`, `mod9`, `mod10`, `mod11`, `mod12`, `mod13`, `mod14`, `mod15`, `mod16`, `stored`) VALUES (".. vehicleID .. ",100,100,255,255,255,255,255,255,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1)" This one is for housing interiors local result = executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM housingInteriorSQL WHERE interior = '"..int.."' AND dimension = '"..dim.."'" ) if result and #result > 0 then local houseid = result[1].houseid and the last one for businesses local sky = executeSQLQuery("SELECT amount FROM businessaccounts WHERE name='skyint'") executeSQLQuery("UPDATE businessaccounts SET amount=? WHERE name='skyint'", sky[1].amount + price) can someone please help me Kind Regards Thelaser
  6. Hello everybody, At first sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Can you guys help me, i've got a question. I'm running a server and gangs etc are leveling etc, they are sending me a map for there base. The problem is i can't start 2 maps at the same time. i saw that server like SAES are converting them to a lua file. Can you guys tell me how to do it. Regards Thelaser
  7. Hahahaha forrest +1 i tried to make one but i used some lines for helping me out
  8. Hello everybody, i'm new to lua scripting, and saw someone's post with a handling script, i wanna use it for the police sf id 597 is there something wrong? client vehicleIDS = { 597, } function changeHandling ( ) for _, model in ipairs ( vehicleIDS ) do setModelHandling ( model, "maxVelocity", 800 ) setModelHandling ( model, "acceleration", 25 ) setModelHandling ( model, "tractionMultiplier", 5 ) end end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, changeHandling ) and also i use the spawnscreen of 50P, but i wanna lock it on ACL because i havn't made a better one with city's etc, so my question is can somebody tell me how i add a category list with the city's and how to change it to ACL locked? i would really appreciate that if someone could help me. i read in an other topic that they said change lua line 21 to this i did it but i did not worked i couldn't spawn as anything, i also tried to make it not with a .map but with a XML file This is the s_main where i had to edit it in. g_root = getRootElement( ); classGroups = { }; addEvent( "spawn_clientRequestSpawn", true ); addEventHandler( "spawn_clientRequestSpawn", g_root, function( categoryIndex, classIndex, skinIndex, password ) if skinIndex then local class = classGroups[ categoryIndex ].classes[ classIndex ]; if class.password then if not password or password == "" then triggerClientEvent( client, "spawn_requestAclgroup", root, class.name ); return; elseif password ~= class.password then outputChatBox( "The password you typed in is incorrect! Try again or cancel to choose different class.", client, 200, 50, 50 ); triggerClientEvent( client, "spawn_requestPassword", root, class.name ); return; end end local classACL = aclGetGroup( class.name ); local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount( client ); if ( classACL and ( not isGuestAccount( playerAccount ) ) or ( not isObjectInACLGroup( "user." .. getAccountName( playerAccount ), classACL ) ) ) then outputChatBox( "You are not member of this group/gang/squad/. Please, choose different team!", client, 200, 50, 50 ); requestMenu( client ); return; end local skin = class.skinMngr.skins[ skinIndex ]; local spawn = true; local spawned; if spawn then if not class.team then class.team = createTeam( class.name, class.color.red, class.color.green, class.color.blue ); end local plrTeam = getPlayerTeam( client ); if ( ( plrTeam ) and ( plrTeam ~= class.team ) and ( countPlayersInTeam( plrTeam ) == 1 ) ) then destroyElement( plrTeam ); end spawned = spawnPlayer( client, skin.spawnLoc.x, skin.spawnLoc.y, skin.spawnLoc.z, skin.spawnLoc.rot, skin.modelId, 0, 0, class.team ); end if spawned then setElementData( client, "team", class.name ) setElementData( client, "skin", skin.name ) fadeCamera( client, true ); setCameraTarget( client, client ); setTimer( setCameraTarget, 200, 1, client, client ); triggerClientEvent( client, "spawn_SpawnedSuccessfully", client ); --setPlayerMoney( client, 500 ); for _, weapon in ipairs( class.weaponMngr.weapons ) do giveWeapon( client, weapon.id, weapon.ammo, false ); end createBlipAttachedTo( client, 0, 2, class.color.red, class.color.green, class.color.blue ) else triggerClientEvent( client, "spawn_FailedToSpawn", client ); if countPlayersInTeam( class.team ) == 0 then destroyElement( class.team ); class.team = nil; end end end end ); addEvent( "spawn_checkAclgroup", true ); addEventHandler( "spawn_receivePassword", g_root, function( ) end ); addEventHandler( "onPlayerSpawn", g_root, function ( ) end ); addEventHandler( "onPlayerWasted", g_root, function( ) fadeCamera( source, false, 4 ); setTimer( requestMenu, 5000, 1, source ); deleteAllPlayerBlips( source ) end ); function requestMenu( player ) callClientFunc( player, "showSpawnMenu", true, true ); callClientFunc( player, "classSelected" ); end addCommandHandler( "kill", function( plr ) killPed( plr ); end ) function preloadClassesInfo( ) local groups = getElementsByType( "category" ); for _, group in ipairs( groups ) do table.insert( classGroups, Group:New( group ) ); end end addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), preloadClassesInfo ) function deleteAllPlayerBlips(player) local elements = getAttachedElements(player) if (elements) then for i, element in ipairs(elements) do if (getElementType(element) == "blip") then destroyElement(element) end end end print( "number of players in team: " .. tostring( countPlayersInTeam( getPlayerTeam( player ) ) ) ); end addEventHandler( "onPlayerQuit", g_root, function() deleteAllPlayerBlips(source) end ); ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ function callClientFunc( player, funcName, ... ) if #{ ... } ~= 0 then triggerClientEvent( player, "_clientCallFunction", root, funcName, ... ) else triggerClientEvent( player, "_clientCallFunction", root, funcName ) end end addEvent( "_serverCallFunction", true ) addEventHandler( "_serverCallFunction", root, function( funcName, ... ) _G[ funcName ](...) end ) regards Thelaser
  9. Yea trucker job specially because i only need a server.lua to finish my trucker script for my RPG server, i wanna have a window etc i've got already the client for it. i hope you can make it. regards thelaser
  10. Hello everybody, I'm new to lua and to this i tried a couple things for changing the handling for the police SF id 597, can anybody tell me what i did wrong, i saw this handling in another topic and i tried to change it. vehicleIDS = { 597, } function changeHandling ( ) for _, model in ipairs ( vehicleIDS ) do setModelHandling ( model, "maxVelocity", 800 ) setModelHandling ( model, "acceleration", 25 ) setModelHandling ( model, "tractionMultiplier", 5 ) end end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, changeHandling ) and this one i got it from somewhere: allowedTeams = { ["Police"] = true, ["Armed Force"] = true, } function handlingChange32 (theVehicle32, seat) if allowedClasses[getElementData(source,"Team")] and getElementModel(theVehicle32) == 597 and seat == 0 then setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "maxVelocity", 300) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "engineAcceleration", 25) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "collisionDamageMultiplier", 0) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "modelFlags", 0x1C00000) elseif not allowedTeams[getElementData(source,"Team")] and getElementModel(theVehicle32) == 597 and seat == 0 then originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32] = getOriginalHandling(getElementModel(theVehicle32)) if originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32] then handlingChangeBack32(theVehicle32,seat) end end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), handlingChange32 ) function handlingChangeBack32(theVehicle32,seat) if allowedClasses[getElementData(source,"Team")] and getElementModel(theVehicle32) == 597 and seat == 0 then if originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32] then setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "maxVelocity", originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32].maxVelocity) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "engineAcceleration", originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32].engineAcceleration) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "engineInertia", originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32].engineInertia) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "collisionDamageMultiplier", originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32].collisionDamageMultiplier) setVehicleHandling(theVehicle32, "modelFlags", originalHandlingTable[theVehicle32].modelFlags) end end end thanks i hope you can help me. regards thelaser Edit: i see that i posted it on the wrong forum, sorry for that
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