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  1. isnt it time for windows 98 users to join int he fun..... im bout to get windows xp asap this month but i really wish it woulda worked on windows 98 cuz im sittin here wantin to play with everything but the ability to do so
  2. I had my fingers crossed as well...i finally got the game to run picked my person but of course timed out.... i have no funds right now but im dyin to play this game urghhhhhh
  3. is the new release versiont hats out finally compatible with windows 98?? does anyone know??? if its not i must say this really blows man i dotn see why the two os are so different that now ide have to pay 100 dollars to get it while even linux gets to enjoy it..
  4. when i join a game i start the vice city game and it loads up. its like a centimeter away from loading the game fully when the message of the day pop up undrer the load screen. suddenly my game stops loading and just freezes. what the hell man
  5. itde be kinda cool to hear the music someone is playing in their car doesnt even have to be custom....could just be the default radios....but to hear it while you stand next to their car would be hype realistic...this is not a neccesity...what is a neccesity is windows 98 compatible
  6. secondly why would sony spend money integrating the information and hardware it takes to control a fridge. secondly the controls to a fridge arent external only the dials are. there is no integration between a fridge and your console. Besides xbox runs this house
  7. i think all this info is bullshit because he has a ps3 quote from gamespot and obviously gamespot has not lead any information on to the specs of ps3 or what games it will host for its launch. secondly if they chnage the gta engine i will kill something that engine is solid gold and fun. all they need to improve are animations features and longevity. that is all
  8. i beg you please make a path for use on windows 98. Im dying here i want to play sooooo bad i have all the files set ups and all but i have windows 98 and not enough money left to get a new copy nore the drive to. please at least let me know that you mgiht be considering making a patch for it. With all the wonders you work now could you please find time to appease us ole school users
  9. is there any help or hope for us 98 users please.....any links sites or so forth....anything.....i wanna play so bad
  10. i am grateful for all your help i have been able to connect but when i start the game it disconnects on me when i get in says i timed out that sucks
  11. yea it says mta:vs multi theft auto for my vice city game
  12. first off the new gta is going to be based in las vegas secondly it is not a 2005 release. It is supposed to launch 6 months after the gta3 and vc package comes to xbox which is confirmed before this years christmas. In conclusion that would mean the new gta...which will probably be called sin city will be out in 2004
  13. ummm i have both if you look closely i asked for help on how to connect through mta
  14. I currently have the retail version of grand theft auto vice city i downloaded the patch for the game i run it and put the game to the bottom of the screen then run thre gtaT client. It says not connected and lists a series of problems that could be associated but i checked them all and attented to them. When i run the mta client i enter my port but i cant seem to figure out what my host is, and it isnt giving me the option to choose the game i have wether vice city or gta 3 of course how do i check what my host is??
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