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  1. hey all,i would like to present my 2 servers for DM and we also are going to make a new server 500 slots for the lobby script,so stay following us to know our news First i will Present our [NgU]Never Give Up Lemon Server this server contains old school/shooter/Fun maps The 2nd server is [NgU]Never Give Up Red Server this servers contains only New School maps and DM without DD or shooter or Fun you can also visit our website http://ngu-gaming.netii.net/ it's really a great website,please visit us,thanks
  2. i know ALLLL that okey guys,thanks for that,but please if you have a positive answer just reply,but if you just want to be a teacher,just dont reply
  3. hey everybody,guys i saw that there is a new sigmar,like that ; http://im.bilderkiste.org/5138037182449 ... -06-29.png but nobody have it,so anyone of you have it i made a lot of scripts like Userpanels,LoginPanels a lot of scripts that nobody have it,only me just if someone give me that script i will give him some of my scripts,my skype : drblade3
  4. hello everybody guys i am algerien player,and i really want to invit some Algerien guys,to my new server : mtasa:// for the algeriens and the tunisians there is a lot of good thing for you like you can get Moderator or SuperModerator without any problems you just ask me,and i will give you Our Server : mtasa:// Our Website : http://ngu-gaming.netii.net
  5. No,No,No the multigamemode a lot have it but i edited it,and the userpanel,i made a new one,nobody in all the world have it and here is my multigamemode and i will add a screenshots for the userpanel
  6. you have a positive answer?reply you have a negative answer? just go away
  7. hey all,we have a server with 32 slots,but we have a great scripts like MultiGameMode and new userpanel nobody have it we just need a hoster,if anybody can host for us,he will really get a lot f good thing like Leader and Admin,and other things you can host for us? contact me at : drblade3 (skype) or [email protected] (gmail) thanks,best regrads Dr.Blade
  8. hello guys would you like to come to the NgU server,and get level 5/4 ,there is also a arenas script coming soon you can vosit our website : http://nevergiveup.boards.net/ and server ip : mtasa:// come on guys,you can get level 4/5 admin you will have fun here is a screenshot for the Arenas Script : You will not find it in the server,because we still adding the Finishing touches
  9. yes,of course i will add it,and we will also add a arenas script too
  10. hey everybody,these days we maked our new -CSK- server we have players from all world you can visit us here : mtasa:// We also have a great DD/DM maps and we will add new scripts like Userpanel
  11. hey everybody,these days we maked our new -CSK- server we have a tunisian team and players from all world you can visit us here : mtasa://
  12. yes,of course i will add some screenshots,like my great userpanel
  13. hey guys,i am MTA scripter and also i know some PHP and HTML scripting i also can help you a lot in your server and make website and other things i just want to be owner in your server,and we will be freinds skype : drblade3
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