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  1. Still, that only applies to world objects. I know what FarClip is, but i want mta objects do be drawn over 300 units.
  2. This does not apply to mta objects.
  3. How is it possible to make an object drawn from really far away. I thought the max view distance is 300unit, but yesterday i saw on a map i was able to see roads from like 2000 units away, and thoose were not original roads. How to do that?
  4. I dont understand that etwin. How could i sort a 60 entry table with this method?
  5. OR, is it a working solution to just refresh the whole table in every sec? I mean, i create a new empty table, and add them sorted by their points. Then next sec clear the table and do the same again. Or how do you do this?
  6. Help me please! I need help with table sorting, im working on AI racers script, and it works fairly good already, but i need to sort them by how many cps did they collect. So i have the Vehicles as keys and the CP collected as value. How can i sort by value? I store the keys as data in the vehicles so i can access the names table with the key of the vehicle.(the AI has names)
  7. yeah, they dont decet collisions yet, but they move separatedly actually, i want to add collision detection to them, but im still thinking the method, because i dont want to be rabbit, never colliding AI. I like them when they do the carnage. :DDDDDDD
  8. So, im making an AI script, where the AI can actually RACE with you, the hard part is completed, i can add some extra things to the driving, the CP progress etc is completed, so i made a video. There are still lots of things that i want to add, but i want to know what do you think about it, i think it is absolutely fun. Also, im making this script easy-to-use, it automatically generates checkpoints from object, the AI navigate trough without any data help, relying on only itself. The script could actually drive any amout of vehicles. Sync made by me, im working on it to get better, but actually i dont yet have idea how to make it better. Here is the video:
  9. Hi, i wanted to try some rigging for model in gta-sa. My first step was just open a working GTA ped model and then save it, to try if it even works. Well, it does not. If i do a simple open-export-open the exported model rotation is different from the original. Basically i cant even export a character normally from max. Is there a solution? "The game does not crash, basically the problem is the character bones are not working correctly. I see a "monster" ingame, every part of the body moves in the wrong direction.
  10. Thanks btw, I'll try it.
  11. Iwasawa


    Could you tell me an alternative solution to create some kind of, rotateable collisions? I want to use it for a tirepopper's collision for cops, but simple colcubes are unalble to rotate.
  12. Do you think im moron? I tried, it does not work in this case.
  13. Help me please with table sorting. I want to write a custom race event script for play. The idea is clients send their progress like 23/40cp to the server, that adds them into a table, the table gets sorted and then the rankings will shown. Please help me how could i idendify the players and their rank. the table in server would look like racers = {somebody = 34, idk = 12, racer20 = 20} then sort racers table and write current ranks. But you can tell me other variations if you know easier ones.
  14. server - http://pastebin.com/dfXeKwsc client - http://pastebin.com/Y5xt9ePw in this version, the synced x,y,z values cause crash. If i trigger only the x or y or z it works, but if both it causes crash. Lol it looks work if i relocate the "function" in the document to the top.
  15. Hello, what could be the problem if my server crash when i try to trigger a table key from client to server? The server window just disappears... without error message. Btw it doesnt reach the trigger part, its not need to trigger, its enough to be in the script. like triggerServerEvent("onSomething",root,k) if i dont use the something value in serverside the server does not crash, but if i wrote this function idk(k) outputChatBox(k) end crash.
  16. Im just wrote a remote control script for vehicles, i want it for another thing later, its synced, but im realized a big problem. The car's ped control state synced everytime when a controller controls the vehicle (onClientKey) and its work perfectly, nearly zero lagg. But when it reaches higher speed its start to "jump back" just for a half second and idk what is this. Its possible to solve this zigzag somehow? I want a sync like the player's vehicles, nice smooth, but this lagging is annoying...
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