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  1. This is a little project I've been working on for a while now. I'm a huge Ace Combat fan, and I always wanted to bring the frantic, high altitude battles to MTA. That being said, I unfortunately don't have a lot of free time to work on this gamemode, which is why I want to assemble a small team to help me with that. What exactly is SKIES HIGH? SKIES HIGH is a "arcade flight simulator", if you will. Battle against other players around the globe for air superiority, purchase aircraft, climb their respective skilltrees, become what pilots refer to as an "Ace", and eventually, the "Ace of Aces". What does SKIES HIGH offer? Here are a few things that will be included in the gamemode: Dogfight: Small-scale skirmishes with up to 8 players - either against each other, or in teams The Round Table: Large-scale, all-out war with up to 32 players. Last man standing, only the best survive the airspace commonly referred to as "The Round Table". Missions: Experience the story of SKIES HIGH with 3 other players Other than that, the following features will also be available: Hangar: Buy/sell your aircraft, upgrade them by climbing the skilltree, add and change skins/tags/squadron logo "Weapons of Mass Destruction": Specialized, highly dangerous superweapons capable of easily destroying entire squadrons Events: Special events which allow players to unlock skins/aircraft/story which might never be available again This sounds really cool. Is the gamemode available for download? No. The whole gamemode is a work in progress, pre-alpha state, in a manner of speaking. I'm currently more interested in assembling a team to help me code this gamemode, anyway. The gamemode itself won't be released to the public, either. It'll be closed source, running on 2-3 servers at most, all hosted and managed by the team. This sucks. And let me guess, there'll be lootboxes or something like that to pay for the server costs. No. There won't be any lootboxes. In order to pay for server costs, we'll allow players to purchase cosmetics for their aircraft. And no, you won't be able to bribe your way to victory by buying a F-22A Raptor. I'm interested in joining your team. That's awesome. However, interest alone won't allow you to just join, there's a few requirements you must fullfill: Must have experience with Lua (ideally, you should have already scripted your own gamemode) Willing to not disclose/leak/share any parts of the code, however insignificant you may deem that action Working knowledge of the english language - I'm absolutely fine with grammatical errors, as long as you know the difference between its and it's You think you'd pass these requirements with flying colors? Good, then send me a private message, and we'll talk! Is there a lot left to script? Yes, unfortunately. As I've said, I don't have enough free time to dedicate myself to scripting everything, hence the assembly of a team. I've started scripting a few things, like the HUD, the lobby, "start menu", but there's still a lot left to do. What about modellers? Do you need one, too? Yes. I've found a lot of aircraft skins online, but for some reasons, they are broken. A modeller could certainly fix them, though. Final question: what's in for me if I join your team? Err, if you expect monetary compensation or something, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. SKIES HIGH is a project of passion. Any money earned with it will be used to pay server/website costs, and PERHAPS commission the creation of special aircraft skins. I'm really sorry I can't provide you with screenshots or videos right now, but rest assured, I'll post some once I have proper, working internet (which is another reason I want and need a team). Still, I hope I sparked your interest in this gamemode. See you up in the skies, fellow pilots!
  2. Ah yes, I wasn't exactly sure if those are "interchangeable", so to speak. I myself like to use resourceRoot, anyway.
  3. Your code is serversided, you say? In that case, "onClientResourceStart" won't work, as that's a clientsided event. Use "onResourceStart" instead. And while you're at it, don't use getRootElement(), as otherwise, the same object will be created whenever a resource is being started. Again, use "getResourceRootElement(getThisResource())" instead.
  4. I'd love to help out. From what I saw, skills/abilities are something that need to be implemented. I recently introduced "soft skills" to MTA DayZ as a way to shake up the gameplay a little, in case you want to see how I work. Although I'd be happy to help with other stuff, too.
  5. I don't know if this is the right section, in case it isn't, please move this topic to the appropriate area. Anyway... For the longest time, I've been thinking: there's a crapton of roleplay resources out there, all having a similiar premise - you're some dork who has moved to San Andreas and now you gotta make a living. However, I have yet to see an actual RPG being developed and published. This leads me to wonder whether or not there's an interest in some sort of "MMO". You know, where you walk around, kill stuff, level up, unlock new skills, use said skills to kill even more stuff, level up even more...acquire new items, sell items, buy items, modify/enchant/disenchant items, use items to kill even more stuff...you know the drill. I was thinking of something akin to Diablo with its camera perspective, randomized loot, bosses, raids, ...thing is, that would require a lot of modelling, if I were to use a fantasy setting. Given that GTA is about shooting stuff, I figure something like Borderlands would be more prudent, as it would require less modelling (might as well use the resources given by GTA and MTA and gradually improve upon that). So...if there are people willing to code/model/playtest such an RPG, I'd be down for that one too. Of course, a lot of things would have to be discussed, but this topic is mainly about checking if people are interested in the first place.
  6. Hello everyone. It's been a long time since a post has been written here, but rest assured, development hasn't (really) ceased (yet). I'm currently working on some new features, one of which is a RPG-related one. I've added several skills to MTA DayZ for a more unique experience. Four "Paths" exist: Soldier, Medic, Scavenger, Engineer. All of them have different skills (which are currently passive, I plan on adding active ones as well). Here's a list: SOLDIER Dodge Blows -> Chance to dodge zombie hits Toughness -> Damage Reduction by x% Critical Shot -> Chance to deal critical damage MEDIC Second Chance -> Chance to survive an otherwise fatal hit Healing Proficiency -> Healing power for yourself increased by x% Without Borders -> Healing power for other players increased by x% SCAVENGER Scavenging Goodies -> Chance to loot +1 item where applicable Camouflage -> Blend in with your environment (Player alpha reduced by x%) Shadow Step -> Harder to detect by zombies (by x%) ENGINEER Ammo Efficiency -> Chance to not consume ammo Duct Tape Prototype -> Repair rate for vehicles increased by x% Awesomeness by Analysis -> XP Gain increased by +x Points I'm also working on adding NPC's and settlements (Whitestone will be the first one), along with sieges, dynamic events and jobs given out by NPC's. If you have any ideas for skills/jobs, feel free to post them here.
  7. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Closed Alpha for MTA:BG will launch on September 23rd, 4PM UTC/GMT+0! Check your inbox on our forum to see if you've got a key - this may take between 24-48 hours. If you haven't registered on our forum yet, please do so now! Here's a countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/293585/mtabg-closed-alpha
  8. We managed to complete an alpha version of MTA:Battlegrounds! Stay tuned, for we will soon reveal a date at which the closed alpha will start. In case you haven't registered on the forum already, do so to receive an alpha access key!
  9. The forum is up and running! Please register if you wish to be one of the first 100 players to receive an alpha access key! https://nullsystems.xyz/site/index.php
  10. DevLog, 08/22/17 Development is slowly, but steadily progressing. We've acquired a new member for the team, expert975, who's managed to solve a problem we've been dealing with for quite some time now. There's no set date for a closed alpha, but rest assured, we are working on it as fast as we can. The Home Screen The screenshot inside the spoiler shows the earlierst version of the "Home Screen", where players will be able to customize their character, check their rewards and statistics and join a match (via that big "PLAY" button). After a while, I realized that the location you see in the screenshot isn't exactly the best one, so I decided to change it into an interior. I've also worked on it some more. The screenshot in this spoiler shows the "STATISTICS" screen, where you can see how well you fare against other players (a leaderboard will be implemented in the near future). Lastly, we decided to introduce "crates" to the game, which contain, depending on their rarity, skins you can apply to your character. You'll also be able to buy crates (the money will be used to fund servers, website, forum, etc). The screenshot below shows the current version. Other fancy stuff that has been included is, for instance, some nice camera movement depending on what option you selected on the home screen (if you compare the last two screenshots, you will notice they show CJ from different perspectives. Now imagine that switch happening while the camera is moving). Stay tuned, we will occasionally update this forum topic with new information, screenshots and a general progress report!
  11. With MTA:DayZ being pretty much how we want it to be (except for a few minor details), we figured that it's time to move on, to our next project: MTA:Battlegrounds. This time, we do not aim to recreate Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG for short), instead, we are drawing inspiration from it while creating our very own Battle Royale gamemode. It's true that MTA offers a lot of Battle Royale servers, but none of them possess the same gravitational pull PUBG offers, something we wish to replicate. We've already started development, but we arrived at a point where we, due to respective private lives issues, kinda hit a wall, which is why we need and ask for help. HOW CAN I HELP? First of all, consider the following: we will not release any of the source code immediately. Before we do so, we must do a lot of testing, bug fixing, patching up security holes etc., so it's for the best of everyone if your only intention to join the team is because you wish to partake in this long and arduous journey and help create a gamemode worthy of its reputation. If your sole intention is to leak the script, you'll only damage your reputation, and you'd cause development to cease completely, because no one wishes to deal with the repercussions and all the drama that comes along with it. What we need right now is this: 1) A few dedicated scripters with a lot of experience in Lua, preferably with some gamemode creation experience under his belt 2) A testing server, independent from any restrictions or people (like, "I offer you my server in exchange for the script" is an absolute no-go) 3) A lot of player testers (once a playable alpha is out, we will send a short notification along with an "invitation code" of sorts) 4) Some donations to fund the forum and website (it's down due to financial constraints) The Team: L - that's me. One of the devs (and for a while, the only) of MTA:DayZ, I have around 5 years of Lua experience and am still steadily improving, also tend to be the most active one. Ciber96 - moderator of the spanish section, responsible for reviving MTA:DayZ development, boasts an impressive track record in terms of website managment and coding (from what I can gather, at least). 1B0Y - dev of a thousand roleplay gamemodes. Known for submitting code for any problem, though he has the odd tendency to not properly test it. neves768 - has become quite a trustworthy fella, very skilled and well versed in the ways of Lua. Designed the MySQL system for MTA:DayZ no problem. We're looking for active devs, mind you. Not the kind that is occasionally seen (or heard) at on our Discord channel, but really someone who pushes update after update and is willing to discuss all matters Battlegrounds. We're not asking you to dedicate your life to it, it'd just be pleasant to work with someone who knows what he's doing, how he's doing it and, as a result, is doing it often. REQUIREMENTS IN A NUTSHELL: 1) Must have Lua experience (at least 2 years worth) 2) Showcase at least 1 script/gamemode that is fairly complex and NOT stolen from somebody else 3) Willing to work in a team 4) Willing to spend at least 1 hour per day for Battlegrounds (daily submission of patches are not required per se, simply looking at the current code and perhaps pointing out bugs or improvements usually suffices) 5) Awesomeness must be par of the course 6) Proper english, por favor! B2-C1 is a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT AND WILL BE TESTED BY ME: https://www.londonschool.com/de/level-scale/ (NO EXCEPTIONS!) If you think all of these apply to you, do not hesitate to send me a private message detailing your motivations (no wall of text, please, a short essay consisting of 5-6 sentences is enough to get the gist). Prepare to undergo a lengthy evaluation process, because as I've alluded to above, no one wishes to deal with a leaker. The community will, eventually, be able to access the source of the gamemode, but until then, please just bear and have patience with us. What would you prefer, a high-class desert that demands you take a moment to slow down and enjoy its complexity and the resulting satisfaction...or mindlessly chomp down on some chips without breaking a sweat, like a pig? Figured that much. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. FORUM: https://nullsystems.xyz/site/index.php
  12. As the old topic is becoming increasingly cluttered (plus the title not being accurate anymore), here's an updated version with some new information. GITHUB: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz RELEASES: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz/releases DISCORD: https://discord.gg/th86Tmw DONATIONS: https://mta-dayz.org/donate.html FORUM: http://forum.mta-dayz.org/ We also offer three branches: master: Where experimental features are being implemented and tested. Once they are deemed stable, they will appear in the respective branch. stable: The version that is actually released to the general public and is (mostly) stable. legacy: This is an extremely old version, dating all the way back to April 2013. It's the genuine one, nothing has been decompiled. Feel free to use it! UPDATES [GENERAL]: - We took some time off development, as most of us are/were pretty busy with their private lives. There are internal discussions about how we should proceed with the gamemode (rewrite it from scratch, leave it to the next generation so we can focus on a new project, ...), with the latter currently being the main consensus. - The forum has been updated and received a complete overhaul. We also want to use it more frequently for feedback and suggestions, as we feel the Issues page of GitHub should be used for bugs. It's currently a bit bugged in terms of registering, as the current server settings do not allow for emails to be sent (something we are working on). A developer will periodically check the registrations page and activate accounts. UPDATES [GAMEMODE]:
  13. We just released Version 0.9.9a! DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz/archive/v0.9.9a.zip ADDED: New Sound + Visibility System (based on terrain, weather, light, movement) ADDED: New zombie spawn system based on loot location ADDED: Petrol stations now have a limited amount of fuel (configurable in cfgServer.lua) ADDED: Achievement System ADDED: Anti-Advertising for chat system ADDED: Indicators for temperature rising/falling ADDED: Occasional rain when weather is cloudy ADDED: MySQL implementation ADDED: Old clothes/skin system ADDED: New condition (fractured arms) ADDED: Vehicle respawn command ADDED: Setting for camera sway when in pain ADDED: Helmets for headshots ADDED: [DayZAdmin] Ability to change gameplayVariables ingame ADDED: Binds for GPS (Key: 7) and Compass (Key: 8) ADDED: Spawn Selection System ADDED: Randomized loot spots ADDED: Random clothes on spawn if clothes system is activated CHANGED: Logs System refactored CHANGED: Simplified player spawning code CHANGED: Simplified vehicle spawning code (makes it easier to add new vehicles) CHANGED: Simplified sound code CHANGED: Custom chat can now be toggled on/off (/chat) CHANGED: Eased lag a bit CHANGED: Updated how Helicrashes and hospital bags were being initialised CHANGED: Version rewrite, tree handling optimised CHANGED: Hunger & Thirst now decrease according to difficulty too CHANGED: Moved debug monitor to Journal (Key: 6) CHANGED: New damage code for players CHANGED: Some zombies will sprint (depends on difficulty) CHANGED: Kills have to be confirmed with "Check Body" (player kills only) CHANGED: First Person Mode (view can be rotated 360°) FIXED: consume_player.lua causing lots of errors FIXED: Bug with tree chopping FIXED: Hunger & Thirst not decreasing FIXED: Bug with setPedStat FIXED: Flashlight appearing on HUD with ammo count FIXED: Bug where player would continue to lose blood after becoming unconscious and being killed FIXED: Crafting getting bugged when inventory is full FIXED: Milk breaking inventory FIXED: Unconscious animation being clientside only FIXED: M1911 not having a firing sound FIXED: Old bug with damage when falling FIXED: Floating medical box in Fort Carson FIXED: Constant raining FIXED: Hunger and Thirst not really decreasing FIXED: M24 not having any sound REMOVED: Viral zombies (until a better solution is found for more dangerous zombies) REMOVED: Housing mod
  14. Took us a little while, but our new forum is now fully operational and can be accessed here: https://forum.mta-dayz.org/ Also, MTA:DayZ 0.9.9a is being developed, head over here if you want a taste of what's to come: https://github.com/ciber96/mtadayz
  15. Count me in, too. Although only for occasional updates, and there'll be times where I can't respond to emails or the like.
  16. I just hope development will become more active now. Thank me when it actually becomes a success.
  17. You've been waiting for this. For a long time. Now it's official. MTA DayZ is open source. Why so early, you wonder? Didn't we want to wait until Version 1.0.0b? Yes, yes we did. But seeing as activity as rapidly declining, not only here, but also in the team, coupled with the fact that October is closing in and I said I'll cease development in October, we decided now's the right time to go open source. The version you download is 0.9.6a, though it's nowhere near done. This means that some of the feature we wanted to add, such as a new map and a new loot system, have not been integrated. We might do that over the course of the next weeks or months, depending on who has how much time. The gamemode is stable, and can be played no problem. All you have to do is (as always) get a fresh internal.db. It's highly recommened you start from scratch (fresh internal.db, fresh vehicles.db, fresh tents.db), so you can experience MTA DayZ 0.9.6a in its full and unfinished glory. The uncompiled version will be uploaded on the forum later. If you want it now, head to our GitHub repository, and download it there: https://github.com/mtadayz/MTADayZ/ Yes, you can edit it however you want to. Just a few things: * You are not allowed to try to sell this gamemode in any way, even if you've done major modifications. * You are not allowed to change the license in any way, though you are permitted to add your own, as long as it does not conflict with our license. * You are not allowed to change any developer references (Author: , for example) Other than that...have fun with the uncompiled version of MTA DayZ!
  18. I've sent a reminder. Additionally, please tell me what your username is, so I can reset your password manually. Same for you, Power.
  19. Your whole game seems to be broken (no icons on the right side). What's your server IP? I'd like to take a look myself, as more people reported having this bug.
  20. Admin Access doesn't have any code (yet). The resource is open source, so you could have checked there...if you want to edit another player's inventory, you, currently, can only give items. It's in the tab "Inventory Editor". The "Give Vehicle" feature is disabled due to the vehicles saving system (upon saving, the spawned vehicle would be saved too, causing database corruption).
  21. Nah, development will pretty much cease (or become less frequent) after 1.0.0, because then, every feature we wanted to add has been added. It's pretty much up to the community then how DayZ develops from there.
  22. For those who have been wondering why there's no news: We are still actively working on 0.9.6a. It comes with a new map, which takes a bit of time, as it's, right now, an one-man job (me). If you want to help, feel free to tell me via private message. Stay tuned, 0.9.6a is coming!
  23. Just try this (clientsided): local adminIsInvincible = false function setAdminInvincible(ps) if getElementData(ps,"admin") then if not adminIsInvincible then setElementData(ps,"invincible",true) adminIsInvincible = true outputChatBox("You are invincible.",0,255,0) else setElementData(ps,"invincible",false) adminIsInvincible = false outputChatBox("You are not invincible anymore.",255,0,0) end else outputChatBox("You are not an admin!",255,0,0) end end addCommandHandler("godmode",setAdminInvincible) function actOutInvincibility() if getElementData(source,"invincible") then setElementData(source,"blood",12000) end enda addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage",root,actOutInvincibility) The command is /godmode, and you have to be admin (via /add admin ) to become invincible.
  24. MTA DayZ 0.9.5 is out! CHANGELOG: ADDED New status effects: Sepsis, Infection & Unconsciousness New Items: Range Finder, Epi-Pen Crosshair integration (please remove addon_crosshair if you have it) Difficulty options (Normal, Veteran & Hardcore)* Viral zombie (24000 blood, greenish skin) Empty Gas Canister to industrial loot table Tent to supermarket loot table Range Finder to military loot table Salute animation (key: , [COMMA]) Can give Morphine, Antibiotics and Epi-Pens to other players CHANGED Completely new inventory UI (rightclick to use/equip items) Holding weapons will free up 10 slots, while carrying them takes 10 Humanity Calculation Wood Piles from chopping trees are dropped on the ground Weapon damage tweaks: Revolver: 4500 -> 1389 Desert Eagle: 4500 -> 1389 M1911: 889 -> 1389 M4: 3300 -> 3555 FN FAL: 2800 -> 8000 CZ 550: 7733 -> 8000 DMR: 8200 -> 8000 Winchester 1866: 8910 -> 4500 SPAZ-12 C. Shotgun: 3000 -> 4500 Sawn-Off Shotgun: 6500 -> 4500 Crossbow: 5333 -> 3555 Hatchet: 2000 -> 4500 Crowbar: 4500 -> 1389 [*] Weapon magazine sizes tweaks: M1911: 7 Desert Eagle + Revolver: 6 M9 SD: 15 PDW: 30 G17: 17 MP5A5: 30 Bizon PP-19: 64 AK-47: 30 FN FAL: 20 G36C: 30 Sa58V CCO: 30 M4: 30 Winchester 1866: 15 SPAZ-12 + Remington 870: 8 CZ 550: 5 DMR: 20 SVD Dragunov: 10 Lee Enfield + Sporter 22 + Mosin 9130 + SKS: 10 Crossbow: 1 [*] Burst Fire for FN FAL [*] DMR + Bizon PP-19 are now silent [*] Decreased chance for wire fence to spawn [*] Increased Bi-2 Airplane spawn chance to 35% [*] Key for sitting is 'z' [*] Patriot model is now an UAZ [*] Volume is 0 when in a vehicle and engine is turned off REMOVED Radiochat binding + radio chat itself Randomized damage (uses distance calculation now) FIXED Not being able to access tents Debug monitor appearing when opening inventory Heroes bleeding when hit by a weapon that does less than 1000 damage Using the wrong items in inventory once you have more than 11 This is a standalone version, so you don't need any of the updates prior to 0.9.5a. This update requires you to delete the internal.db! * Difficulty can be adjusted in cfgDifficulty. Options: Normal: Crosshairs visible, player tags visible, 1x multiplier for zombie damage and blood Veteran: Crosshairs visible, no player tags visible, 1.5x multiplier for zombie damage and blood Hardcore: No crosshairs visible, no player tags, 3x multiplier for zombie damage and blood DOWNLOAD: https://mta-dayz.org/forum/index.php?ac ... ew;down=25
  25. Update 0.9.4a is out! CHANGELOG: MAJOR RESTRUCTURING OF THE CODE BASE PLEASE DELETE YOUR ENTIRE DayZ FOLDER AND PLACE THE NEW FILES THERE ADDED Added dynamic weather system Heli crash sites now create 6 loot spots instead of using the heli's inventory Antibiotics as means of curing cold CHANGED Binoculars image - should fill out the whole screen now FIXED Fixed vehicles not respawning at their initial spawnpositions Fixed bug with British Assault Pack Fixed temperature increasing too fast when sprinting or sitting in vehicle Fixed temperature not decreasing at night (or cold weather) DOWNLOAD: https://mta-dayz.org/forum/index.php?ac ... ew;down=20 The configs folder contains everything that can be configured for MTA DayZ. Also, you must delete the vehicleManager from the internal.db. Stop DayZ, replace all files with new update and enter this into the server console: delaccount vehicleManager.
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