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  1. Thx, do you know way to able 2 teams to enter in zone?
  2. Hello guys how can I edit that script? I want to make that Player with team "Staff" can enter this zone not AclGroup "Admin" Help please! col = createColCuboid ( 95.974617004395, 1751.3895263672, 17.640625, 255, 255, 255 ) zone = createRadarArea ( 95.974617004395, 1751.3895263672, 255, 255, 255, 0, 0, 170 ) setElementData (zone, "zombieProof", true) function enterAdmin(hitElement,matchingDimension) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(hitElement)),aclGetGroup("Admin")) then toggleControl (hitElement, "fire", true ) toggleControl (hitElement, "aim_weapon", true) toggleControl (hitElement, "vehicle_fire", true) outputChatBox("Welcome to Admin area", hitElement, 0, 170, 255) else outputChatBox("Access denied", hitElement, 255, 0, 0) killPed (hitElement) end end addEventHandler( "onColShapeHit", col, enterAdmin )
  3. Mike269

    Save system

    EufratT can I get your skype?
  4. Mike269

    Save system

    NVM everything works thx!
  5. Mike269

    Save system

    OK thx it's fine, but do you have any script to save team after restarting ? (server)
  6. Mike269

    Save system

    Solidsnake it's work fine , but when you restart server there is no weapons... + @EufraT I logged in and nothing happens.
  7. Mike269

    Save system

    Dude it's not working when I die / restart server I haven't weapons/same skin (but money works)
  8. Mike269

    Save system

    Hello guys, im searching for good save script because when restart server / get killed my weapons,skins,money don't save. I really need script like that. Thanks! Skype : simonos2000
  9. Hello im again here reason: I will never stop trying to learn script! but pls guys can some just help me to start pls pls pls pls pls! I will be soo happy )! Facebook: Simon Ovčar Skype: simonos2000
  10. I mean i want to learn how to scripting then i will creating scripts alone
  11. Hello im searching for some good man to help me with scripting i help peoples everytime but when i need help nobody help me... pls im only 13 years old if someone will can help me i will be very very very happy! My skype: simonos2000
  12. Mike269

    Money Saver

    Hello guyssss Can i get save money script? pls i download alot of savers but no one don't save my money when i restart server
  13. Hello i got it! I have this script but.. when i pres lshift i can jump only one time then i must wait vehicle come on floor's can someone tell me how i can make the vehicle will can jump in the air and don't need waiting on floors?
  14. ty but i really have no idea how to script
  15. Hello im 13 years old boy I have my own server i searching for vehjump like 2 months please i will be very glad if will someone make it add me on skype simonos2000 or please upload to resource on www.mta.com and send me link at this post THANKS VERY MUCH!
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