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  1. but it see the player model, how to draw it with firstview when aim M4?
  2. I want to create custom objects but don't want to replace in game objects. how to know the unused objects ids? or anyone have the list of unused object id?
  3. is this support color code? it's will great if can use color code like outputchatbox
  4. is possible to made aim camera to first person like sniper or rocket luncher when aiming m4a1 ak47 waepon? but only player use the command not for all player in server
  5. Smart idea, but he said he want to move the player to the ped. oh, i was mean player not ped how did i said ped, typo mistake. wow, it's work! thanks you very much TAPL very good idea i never know that player can attach -0-
  6. distance between ped and player is 5-10 and i have the both position ex. pedX,pedY,pedZ = getElementPosition(ped) X,Y,Z = getElementPosition(player) i try setTimer, but i don't know how to move player to ped's position
  7. what is x y z come from , Now i have problem how to move player to the ped direction? It's move to wrong direction.
  8. No, I mean move player position by step until to finish position like moveObject function but it can't use with player.
  9. i want to set Player position to ped smoothly i try setElementPosition it warp player to ped, not moving smoothly, have any solution? sloved
  10. How to mark Label to wordwarp? I want text will wrap to a new line whenever it reaches the right side of the bounding box.
  11. I want to use marker for special effect when player level up and i want other player can see the marker following the player who level up.
  12. I want to create Marker that can update Position of player when ElementDataChange I can do it in clientside but I wanted to Everyone see the Marker, How to set Position of marker Following Player in serverside?
  13. i think he mean set the radar area alpha 0 not set the zombie alpha
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