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  1. I knew it was a fake (april fools joke) right away because they did a joke last year when they made everything they was doing multiplayer version of winblows solitaire. This time it didnt fool me one bit
  2. i changed the game version on MTA and it worked.....
  3. ive tried a fresh install of all the data in the data folder but it didnt work..... EDIT: Just did a fresh install of everything and it does the same thing it does on my other pc ive tried this on, the game crashes right when it starts to load into the game after clicking 'Start MultiTheft Auto'. EDIT #2: got everything working now, thanks everyone
  4. ive tried that it doesnt work.....i have even reinstall mta lots of times and in different places to no avail.
  5. nope i dont use mods, the only thing is that I have a no-cd exe but thats because I have my game loaned out to a friend but even then it always worked in the past. I have reinstalled at least 4 times and the last time was in a completely different spot. And yes I have tried switching between the 2 versions. And another funny thing is that on my dell the game loads up to when I click on start multi theft auto, after the loading bar gets done and when the game starts to load it crashes. EDIT: btw I have 2 servers up, one running for vice city and the other running for GTA 3... both have my username here at the begining of the servers name.
  6. Everytime I click to start to join my server i get the 'modified client error'. How is that possible when its done on a clean install of MTA ? Ive done checked the solutions post and didnt find anything with this particular error. If anyone has a solution i would sure love to hear it....
  7. so change the ver in client to 1.1, rofl ill said it once and ill say it again, 'IM NOT THAT STUPID!'. I changed between both versions you idiots. GOD you peope are dumb ....
  8. im not that stupid dude, i gotta have the patch cuz theres a video corruption problem with 1.0 on nvidia cards which is what I got.
  9. since it was mentioned that MTA checks the names of running windows, it could be anything with a suspicious word in it like hack or hacker for instance.
  10. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls= ... cx&spell=1 Ah the power of 'Google'
  11. i could be getting free webhosting if another friend of mine ever got his webserver running, I should ask him about it again.....
  12. ive got an 82 gb bandwidth limit on my site which isnt bad compared to what others offer.
  13. use wordpad in windows and just save as an rtf file -Taken From the mta05 download page
  14. They dont contact you, you gotta contact them I can provide about 3 mirrors 2 of which they cant have ftp access to.
  15. Gahhhhh! same here bud....its still sunday night here where I live...... couple more hours and its monday, I hope itll be out before I get to bed so I can screw around with the rc cars Ive got short hours during the days I work anyways so all in all its good, at least i got something to look forward to when I get home from work
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