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  1. but how dose the server know to use exactly THAT zip file?...
  2. hey i got a zip file right... but i dont know how to tell the meta.xml file to open up the zip file when its in use.. and closes when its down.. hope some one can help me!
  3. Hei har nå nylig begynt med og skripte og nå er jeg i full gang med og scripte en jobb! mene noen her som kan fortelle meg hva jeg har gjort galt?.. jeg får en error som sier. client.lua:89 attempt to call global `guiCreatWindow` < a nil value > og dette er linje 89 guiCreateWindow ( 0.314, 0.2513, 0.3809, 0.3893, "Job GUI", true )
  4. hehe dude i did understand you ;D
  5. aaah alright Thanks man!
  6. hey i have just created a job script and every things runs perfrect just not the "guiCreatWindow" how to fix this problem? this is the error line what have i done wrong? hope some one can help me!
  7. hey on some script am supose to make a file that is somthing cald a File_server and File_Client... how to share this two files apart so the MTA server.exe unederstands it?.. is it just so simpel to take the one file cald.. File_server in a folder named Server? and Fiel_client in a folder named Server? and then tell the meta.xml file this? ????? if this is wrong somehow can some one plise tell me how to fix this problem? :D
  8. hi ive just scripted a login / Register panel... and the program says its all clear to go.. but the MTA server exe says somthing else.. what dose it mean with attempt to call global `guiGetScreenSize` what dose it mean with that and this is the line 26 is talking about screenWidth,screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() if you can help me plise do it i whoud be realy greatfoul!
  9. okey this is what i have done!... META.XML file SCRIPT.LUA file in same folder as the META.XML file local spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ = 1959.55, -1714.46, 10 function joinHandler() spawnPlayer(source, spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ) fadeCamera(source, true) setCameraTarget(source, source) outputChatBox(" Welcome to My Server ", source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler) Thats all i have done.. and isent that all i need just to start up a server?.. i have done NOthing more and nothing less... why cant i connect up to a Game monitor server thingy!??? plise help me ! am stuck!
  10. Then it just says Testing ports... port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse! port 22003 UPD is closed. Players can not join! port 22005 TCP is closed. Player can not download!
  11. What to do when the program says.. Querying game-monitor.com master server.... faild! <302 moved temporarily>... how to fix this problem i dont under stand it? i hope some one can explain this i whoud be realy greatfoul for those who help me
  12. Hey i have tryd to get my server up and go but i dont realy know 100% how i just started scripting.. but i think the problem is that i dont know my Server Port Number!... i got my IP and typed it in.. But when i try to start the server.. it crashes... becouse i dont got the Server pot number i think... ... I typed in my ip but it cant start with only the IP so i want to try with the Server port number.. but i dont know how to find it so i hope you guys can tell
  13. oh Loooooool THANK you WERRY mutch!!!! i have been trying to figer this out my self for 7 houers or maby more .... i whas starting to get kinde a angry over this program thingy! but thank you werry mutch!!!
  14. Hey! i have figured out that i wona start creating a server and want to learn how to script! But my problems comes alredy at the werry beginning!... This is my code! ______________________________________________________________________________ addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), joinHandler)" /> ________________________________________________________________________________ and when i try to start the server with this code it pops up a ERROR mesg on the command prompt ERROR coulden`t parse meta file for resource "myserver" What dose this mean actualy? when i start up my "script" program i get a new Error mesg that says "missing attribute value attribute" on som of the sentense i got that i code But what dose this actualy means?.. what must i do to get this server up going? am onestly a noob on this thing so i hope some of you guys or girls coud help me out a litle! am REALY greatfoul for those who help me out! you thank you so mutch for helping me! and yeah one more thing.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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