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  1. Leins


    Couldn't find the right place but... When I add a car mod for example a police car (copcarla) It shows the mod but it's just white. Any help ?
  2. Leins

    LSPD cameras

    Oh cmoon I am using paradise roleplay gamemode but I use about 2 resources of valhalla
  3. Leins

    LSPD cameras

    Hello, I need some help about my server local teamPlayers = getPlayersInTeam(theTeam) There is something wrong in that the error is... WARNING : camera-system\s_camera_detection.lua:118: Bad argument @ 'getPlayersInTeam' ERROR : camera-system\s_camera_detection.lua:119: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' Please help me
  4. So you might now have changed your ports in config.. Run your server and write ''openports'' see what ports does it show you and add them Hope you understood i am not english i cant explain well
  5. Leins

    MTA server plugin

    Hello, I was wondering is there a script/plugin for a RP server to make multiple characters ? I am using basic roleplay gamemode, i know there is an option of that in another basic roleplay gamemode but it's still in development. If you know that script/plugin for server can you please tell me where can i get it ? Thank you, already.
  6. Leins

    Tuning of MTA (Cars)

    http://www.bildites.lv/images/q082oewlsqsslo1f25oa.png Any ideas ? This mod works on SAMP with tuning any ideas why not on MTA ?
  7. Leins

    Tuning of MTA (Cars)

    So i have a issue with car mods on MTA tunbale ones liek Sultan it works great on normal and SA-MP but not MTA tuning parts are normal and they are like flying not attached to a car, is it because of mod is it bug with MTA. If anyone knows can you please tell me where can i get Car Mods which work on MTA or send me please normal SUltan files with all tuning parts and also paintjobs. Thank you very much, before.
  8. Leins

    Login screen

    I used the Carsons gamemode and i can't log in it is because of that thing msyql thingy or how you call it and if it is could you please tell me how to install it ?
  9. Leins

    Please help the noob :(

    After 2hours of searching found my problem no need for reply's anymore
  10. Leins

    Please help the noob :(

    I just opened my download no idea how but still by browser and join one are closed
  11. Leins

    Please help the noob :(

    Just the join port is open the browse one and download are closed i tried to open them in my firewall,in internet (my ipv4 adress) and when go in interneet thingy pressed see full map and added them there is well still not working
  12. So I made a server put the gamemode on but there is a problem when i go in It shows welcome and everything but that bar that like downloads stuff doesn't load me anything it says press disconnect to stop download I hope you got which bar i mean i need to download 600KB but they doesn'y download any help ? Please !
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