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  1. I want to place peds which can shoot at zombies with M4 or something like that, can you guys tell me few functions of this how can I done this?
  2. Thanks, I already solved that problem.
  3. I have loaded Zday script successfully but no zombie loads I have set everything right but zombie's won't load I'm using this script - http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=347
  4. I started resource successfully but no zombie loads, I haven't loaded any scoreboard and please anybody help me..
  5. Thank you very much. L&A please
  6. Model? If you mean Skin ID, you must choose it by your own. And don't forget to place skin name in META.XML like this. <file src="skins/jerry.txd" /> At last it will be something like this local jerrytxd = engineLoadTXD ( "skins/jerry.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( jerrytxd, SKIN ID ) If you want replace DFF too use this format: local jerrydff = engineLoadDFF ( "skins/jerrydff.dff", SKIN ID ) engineReplaceModel ( jerrydff, SKIN ID ) And don't forget to add this file src into META.XML!!
  7. Hello, I'm creating a zombie gamemode, and is there anyway to make RAID BOSS, and can I increase zombie's health? If I you guys can help please post it here, I'm beginner and I really need help.
  8. Thank you guys for help, I'm using Venux roleplay, this both are amazing scripts. L&A please.
  9. smacky


    Okay, I decided to replace anims with another one I can't find anything in wiki, is there anyway to replace the anim with another one, like Ped.IFP and other like that? If there isn't any function please admins, "Delete this topic".
  10. Okay thank you very much, I did it
  11. Uhm-, it's simple I guess, I'll take simple thing, if zombie hit you and you're infected I know this in SAMP but I don't know how to code it here, when you're infected and you write /inject medicinb you'll not be infected anymore, CODE LIKE: if (playerid, infected == 1) { infected = 0 (Something like that.) return 1; }
  12. Oh.. If you can tell me any idea how I can script Item system please tell me, I mean when player find Cheeseburger in shop he will have it and when he will type /eat he will eat it... If you have any idea of this please tell me, thank you again.
  13. Thank you very much.
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