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  1. i know the server isnt showing up in the browser list, this is a problem with game-monitor.com. the server is indeed still running gang. once game-monitor has their database back up it should be listed as normal again
  2. awesome! thanks so much for the speedy response guys
  3. im sorry to be a pest but the link to the linux server binaries in the download post here is broken. it links to a 403 error. if 0.5r2 is the same server binary as 0.5 then ignore me and i'll handle it lol
  4. i'd love to be a part of any large mta vc or gta III get-together game session! and gladly i'll offer my vehicle and weapon spawn bot to the party should anyone be interested in it's services. otherwise, i just wanna play!
  5. if your game freezes when the loading bar is at ~95% in game and you're on windows vista/7 x64: for me the solution was running mtaclient.exe in compatibility mode set for windows xp sp 3. you can do this by right clicking on mtaclient.exe in your mta folder and selecting 'properties' then select the 'compatibility' tab at the top of the window that opens then check the 'run this program in compatibility mode' box and select 'windows xp (service pack 3)' from the list if the game crashes before it even starts: i added both the gta-vc.exe and mtaclient.exe to the DEP list as well which you can do by: right-clicking 'computer' on the right portion of the start menu, and selecting properties click the 'advanced system settings' option on the left of the screen that opens click the 'settings' button under the 'performance' header on the window that opens click the 'data execution prevention' tab at the top of the window that opens make sure the option 'turn on dep for all programs and services except those i select' is selected (this may require a reboot if you have to change it) click the 'add' button near the bottom of the window that opens and browse to your gta-vc.exe click 'add' again and browse to your mtaclient.exe if your mouse doesn't work in-game, the solution is fairly simple as well: right-click on your gta-vc.exe in your game folder and select 'properties' click the 'compatibility' tab at the top check the box for 'disable visual themes' this will fix the no mouse in gta vice city on windows 7/vista
  6. just for kicks, here's a video of the bot doing some basic functions. first it shows how the bot can mimic a player, then the car and weapon spawns, and finally something just for fun
  7. i do know c++. the original dll i wrote was c++ though the client itself is written in vb and makes calls to the dll. and no sir i have no intentions of doing anything malicious with it. my friends and i just like the ability to have any vehicle/weapon at your fingertips. oh, it wont spawn the bad weapons either, ie the flame thrower. i did restrict those from use.
  8. believe me it took a long time and a lot of trial and error. i wrote a dll that i injected into the 0.5 mta client that would decrypt and log all packets sent by the standard mta client. after many many hours spent anyalyzing and breaking down the packet data, writing the client itself was simply a matter of implementing the appropriate functions with the appropriate packets.
  9. usually on with friends on the weekends but the server runs 24/7. features a spawn bot for vehicle and weapon spawning. stop by and check it out!
  10. it's a replacement for mtaclient.exe. it connects to the server and makes the server believe it is an actual player client. from this point it's capable of monitoring all other players info via the packets it receives from the server. spawning a vehicle from here is simple, it merely sends a packet to the server saying it is in a car at the location of the target player. same goes for spawning weapons. you see the bot in game as though it were another player.
  11. yes. i am 100% positive it can spawn cars and weapons on mta 0.5r2. my bot is a fully custom mta client i wrote myself. go ahead and try it. anyhow, we were just looking for some new folks to play with, perhaps we'll see you this weekend
  12. Hey guys, 2 things. One, the links for the linux 0.5r2 server binaries are broken! If someone could point me towards the proper files I'd greatly appreciate it! And two, my friends and I get on just about every weekend and play Vice City DM. We just host our own server but I was figuring I'd make it public just in case anyone out there wants to join in. Currently, it's hosted on a windows box but if I can get those linux binaries we'll get it switched over. Anyhow, I wrote a spawn bot for the server so you can use "!s car/weapon" to spawn cars and guns. The server is running 24/7 if anyone wants to check it out but we're usually only on weekends. There is no admin on most times so honor system gang. Server host:port
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