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  1. Hey there, I am having trouble in finding the position of the exhaust tip of a car (where the nitrous is released from) and the getVehicleComponentPosition does NOT have the exhaust tip as a component. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Imposter.
  2. You never know, the problem may be here: [2013-10-26 05:04:18] ADMIN: Resource 'ReservedSlot' stopped by quark(Console.) Also, I suggest you check that resource out. May have a leak there. Or maybe he injected code?
  3. Well, you guys misunderstood, I meant, redirecting a person to a webpage by opening their browser, like Chrome. I know I could make a parser myself but that would be lengthy.
  4. Is it possible to open a browser using the game, going to a certain web address? I am trying to make an online store for my server.
  5. you can use -- to store setElementData(theVehicle, "maxVelocity", theValue); -- to obtain getElementData(theVehicle, "maxVelocity");
  6. Hmm... that is a great idea. <3
  7. I just said I needed not dx, but cegui static image.
  8. You could change their maxvelocity properties in handling when they hit the colsphere and restore it using elementdata.
  9. Hey there, is it possible to use an image from the web with guiStaticImageLoadImage? If not, can someone explain a way to do it without DX?
  10. I don't know what you mean, the first one is relevant to the size of the screen, so it is always positioned screenW-width-10 etc. Could you help me out Dealman?
  11. It is already absolute though, isn't it?
  12. Hey there, I am currently using the GUI Editor Resource and am experiencing problems with offsets when using the code that is outputted. As you can clearly see below, the offsets from left and right (for the children of the scrollpane) should be 10px each. GUIEditor = { tab = {}, staticimage = {}, edit = {}, tabpanel = {}, label = {}, button = {}, scrollpane = {}, gridlist = {}, memo = {} } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() GUIEditor.staticimage[1] = guiCreateStaticImage(screenW - 267 - 10, screenH - 484 - 10, 267, 484, "images/galaxys4.png", false) GUIEditor.staticimage[2] = guiCreateStaticImage(20, 51, 227, 383, "images/white.png", false, GUIEditor.staticimage[1]); GUIEditor.scrollpane[1] = guiCreateScrollPane(0, 0, 227, 383, false, GUIEditor.staticimage[2]) GUIEditor.label[1] = guiCreateLabel(10, 10, 207, 43, "Email", false, GUIEditor.scrollpane[1]) local font_0 = guiCreateFont(":SRR-Gamemode/fonts/srrheadfont.ttf") guiSetFont(GUIEditor.label[1], font_0) guiLabelSetColor(GUIEditor.label[1], 250, 195, 4) guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(GUIEditor.label[1], "center", false) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(GUIEditor.label[1], "center") GUIEditor.tabpanel[1] = guiCreateTabPanel(10, 60, 207, 313, false, GUIEditor.scrollpane[1]) GUIEditor.tab[1] = guiCreateTab("Inbox", GUIEditor.tabpanel[1]) GUIEditor.memo[1] = guiCreateMemo(10, 114, 187, 165, "", false, GUIEditor.tab[1]) GUIEditor.gridlist[1] = guiCreateGridList(9, 8, 188, 101, false, GUIEditor.tab[1]) guiGridListAddColumn(GUIEditor.gridlist[1], "Subject", 0.4) guiGridListAddColumn(GUIEditor.gridlist[1], "Sender", 0.4) GUIEditor.tab[2] = guiCreateTab("Send", GUIEditor.tabpanel[1]) GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(6, 12, 191, 27, "Subject", false, GUIEditor.tab[2]) GUIEditor.edit[2] = guiCreateEdit(6, 49, 191, 27, "Recipient(s) (Split by \", \")", false, GUIEditor.tab[2]) GUIEditor.edit[3] = guiCreateEdit(8, 85, 189, 168, "", false, GUIEditor.tab[2]) GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(131, 259, 66, 20, "Send", false, GUIEditor.tab[2]) end ) But this is what is shown. As you can see, the offsets are totally incorrect, and this is not what I see when designing the GUI. Is this an MTA Bug when using staticimages? I would really appreciate it if someone with knowledge of this would help me out. Thanks, NooP
  13. Oh, I will look at this now.
  14. Yeah, such as there the Nitro model is placed, there has to be a name for the component key.
  15. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask a small question. What is the key name for the component NITRO, I couldn't find it myself, any ideas?
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