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  1. Converter was moved to a new location and the URL has been updated.
  2. Make it a little less what? I could make it run the Δv calculations once every x frames instead of every frame but seriously, is this really that resource-intensive?
  3. You need neither PHP nor shaders - drawing the text onto a rendertarget and then using drawMaterialLine3D does the job. Still, nice one!
  4. Good question, it was not one of the config variables before, now it is - just redownload the resource and you'll see the reloadTime variable. It does not replace any weapons, you simply add the weapons you'd like to use it with into the weapon list table. It does not remove the normal functionality of the weapon but it adds an underslung grenade launcher to it. (No model as of yet, just function) Remote detonation with grenades is probably a bit weird, but I'll look into it anyways.
  5. Screenshots should be here soon, I just have yet to figure out how to take a screenshot of a grenade launcher at work. Help is appreciated! glauncher is an underslung grenade launcher design for use on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas servers. It was developed by Funstein. Features Aim with the weapon specified in the script, and press E to fire a grenade. By default, grenades explode on contact and you need to reload between each round you fire. Many options such as but not limited to: contact explosion, launch speed, grenade model, weapon lock, team lock; are available for you to modify in the script file. You can find detailed explanations in the script. To-Do Rewrite class / team / ACL group protection Add proper ammo limitation and calculation Add ammo etc. display Add exports for feature management to replace script configuration Download link, GitHub repository and more information is available on http://funste.in/?p=716
  6. I will add the position changer and the vehicle name, as well as other GUI options such as shadow width and all that. And yes, we did get the idea from the JC2-MP mod, I gave them credit on my blog post (linked)
  7. That would be cool, however the HUD on BF3 is attached to the guy's helmet in theory, while here it's attached to the car so I don't know how that would work. Some sort of parallax but not sure how.
  8. There is already a shadow but it's too small to be noticable. I'll modify it, thanks for the positive feedback!
  9. 3dspeedo is a high-tech speedometer design for use on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas servers. It was developed by Funstein and Beatles1. Features Get in a vehicle to start the speedometer. It will start displaying your vehicle health, nitro status and speed right next to the driver’s door. Teams listed in the script file are entitled to infinite NOS on every NOS-armed vehicle they board. If you want to switch to the (pointless) imperial system, use the command /speedounit If for some reason you lack visual taste and would like to use a 2d speedometer, use the command /speedotype Configurable data refresh rate to optimize speed Screenshots, Download links, GitHub repository and more information is available on http://funste.in/?p=694
  10. Lua is case-sensitive: write criminalTeams instead of CriminalTeams thoughout the whole thing.
  11. Hey there lads, I recently scripted this map converter and I thought I'd post this here so that you guys could benefit from it too. It's not really a map, but since I'm practically showing it I decided to post it in the showroom section, can be moved if necessary. Here's a link to it : http://funste.in/converter Basically, instead of the classic converters that add createObject onto each line, mine simply converts the .map into a table and runs through it. You can use the check boxes to be able to keep scale / dimension / interior / doublesided information, but these drastically increase the result size, so I wouldn't do it unless it's really necessary. I've done my test on an army base mapping and reached a reduction from 150kb to 30kb = 5:1. Results may vary according to map. Oh, and if you want to keep one of those values, say dimension, but all your things are on the same dimension (let's say, 10) then still keep the box unchecked. You can edit the last couple of lines in the result to make changes that apply to the entire collection of objects. The converter currently converts objects only - I will add support for removals, markers etc. very soon. I hope you guys find this useful, Enjoy! Funstein
  12. You need to handle the event for all players, then check if the local player was involved in the fight. Then you may play the music. Be careful though, with this implementation, the code is run for both the attacker and the defender, so making it print " you were hit" would make it print for the attacker as well. dff = engineLoadDFF("client/poolcue.dff",338 ) engineReplaceModel(dff,338) txd = engineLoadTXD("client/poolcue.txd",false) engineImportTXD(txd,338) function guitarDamage(thePlayer,weapon,bodypart) if (weapon == 7) and (attacker == localPlayer or source == localPlayer) then local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local sound = playSound3D("client/guitar_1.wav", x,y,z) end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", root ,guitarDamage)
  13. Two resources of mine were released without my permission. Need them removed asap as I'm using them on a server. He even listed me as the developer on it. Would also appreciate if I could be given the IP address of the uploader. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=6989 https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=6990 Much appreciated. DONE! Not giving you the IP of the person, but FYI, he listed you as a creator of it too... you could have deleted it yourself.
  14. function getSirens(thePlayer) if thePlayer and isPedInVehicle(thePlayer) then sirenData = getVehicleSirens(getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer)) for i,siren in ipairs(sirenData) do outputChatBox("setVehicleSirens(getPedOccupiedVehicle(thePlayer),"..i..","..tostring(siren[4])..","..tostring(siren[5])..","..tostring(siren[6])..","..tostring(siren[1])..","..tostring(siren[2])..","..tostring(siren[3])..")") end end end addCommandHandler("specs", getSirens)
  15. The reason why is, I want passengers to be able to see what's outside, and move on the map as the plane does. I modified the shamal texture windows to make them transparent, but I'm stuck at this point.
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