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  1. Fair point. Anyone who wants to vote for the realistic type just comment it. If you like the unrealistic one then vote for Role Play.
  2. Well RPG stands for Role Playing Game doesn't it? Whats the difference?
  3. Lets get lots of votes in I'd like to see some results. Comment to keep this topic high up!
  4. So not all these are actual game modes. Just ideas to see what people want to play.
  5. Yea im basically out of MTA sorry guys. Been scripting for a year and i need to focus on school more
  6. Haha ok well ive got a big assignment due friday and so ill make it friday night i guess
  7. Well i dont really need them anymore. But learning without them was a bitch haha so thats why im making some now that i can script. Make some for the new scripters though!
  8. Ive come a long way since i posted this haha 2 gamemodes later and ive started my own series! Check out the link in my signature!
  9. New tutorial! In this one I explain how to use event handlers to trigger functions.
  10. Hey MTA community. After 2 gamemodes i thought i'd give sctipting tutorials a go. Im still not amazing but i think i can help you guys. Here is my scripting tutorial series! I hope it helps you! Ill have more videos soon and ill post them here CMG Scripting Tutorial 1 - First Resource CMG Scripting Tutorial 2 - Event Handler
  11. "Welcome to the Aviators Gamemode!\n\nThe main focus of this gamemode is to fly around, join airlines hang about,buy houses, meet your friends buy cars and show off your flying skills! If you've loved flying in single player this is the gamemode for you!\n\nHere are the levels\nA student pilot is 0 points : These can fly everything except the Andromada, AT-400, military planes and military helicopters (hydra/hunter)/n /n A Private pilot is 150 points : These can fly everything except the Andromada and AT-400, and military planes and helicopters (hydra/hunter) and flying with the shamal will be x1.5 the amount of money a student pilot earns A Commercial /n /n pilot is 250 points These can fly everything /n except the military planes and helicopters (hydra/hunter) Army pilots is 500 points : These can fly everything /n In an airline, all airplanes of the airline can be used not matter what \"level\" you are you did some of them (Welcome to the Aviators Gamemode!\n\nThe main focus of....) as a \n and others (These can fly everything /n In an airline, all airplanes of the...) as a /n make all the /n into \n
  12. the bullets in that mod cmg uses i think are dx lines. i dont think bullets can be seen flying through the air
  13. dont worry ill find a way around it. thanks for trying to help though
  14. ok im being misunderstood. I have a script which makes a ped (not the player) and an object and attaches them. i dont need to be told how to do all that. i have the ped and object created, attached and falling, thats not what i needed help to do. now i need to use setTimer so i get the velocity of the ped as it falls every 100ms. when i do this in a different function, all i get is 0,0,0 on my outputChatBox. but i cant find a way of doing it in the same function. im bad at explaining so sorry if this make no sence
  15. what ive done is made 2 objects, one is a ped the other is an object. i have attached them so that as the ped falls with graity the object falls too. then i want to get the velocity of the ped every 100ms. i know how to do all this and it should be easy. however even when the ped is clearly falling very fast, with the object attached, im getting 0,0,0 as my velocity
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