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  1. Nothing for "player" (but it should counts myself inside the sphere). When checked serverside, the lenght of table is 2 (me and vehicle), when clientside - 0. Nothing for "object" and "pickup", however I couldn't detect them serverside as well (both created dynamically via console command). I'm not too much experienced in everything connected to MTA, but if wiki shows "getElementsWithinColShape - Client and Server function" with one common example of how the function works, then I guess it all should be ok.
  2. No matter even if I do it 1000 of units, that's not a reason of non-working. I wonder why does it give me an empty table ClientSide and fine one ServerSide.
  3. Hello. The task is to check if I have any vehicles nearby and return their names, if any. Here's a code I use in Cient-Side script: aPlayer = getLocalPlayer() bindKey("l","down", function() if isPlayerInVehicle(aPlayer) == false then local playerX,playerY,playerZ = getElementPosition(aPlayer) local col = createColSphere(playerX,playerY,playerZ,5) --Main part begins just below local vehicles_tab = getElementsWithinColShape(col,"vehicle") if (vehicles_tab) then outputConsole("vehicles:") outputConsole(tostring(#vehicles_tab)) for k,v in ipairs(vehicles_tab) do local name = getVehicleName(v) outputConsole(name) end end -- End of check end end ) Line 13 appears, line 14 returns 0 (Zero) to a console, so you may easy guess that line 17 won't get me anything. When run Server-side, the function works well, giving me a list of vehicle names, but I need this running on local client PC and wiki: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=GetElementsWithinColShape says me that It's possible. A bug? Any ideas?
  4. Mainly I'm talking about aircrafts, well only about aircrafts. All of them (planes and helicopters) are strictly limited in their abilitiy to climb above 800 units (metres?). Sometimes it can be avoided by applying some Z-velocity or playing with gravity, so after fighting your plane "gives up" eventually and allows you to keep flying higher in normal way, even throttle returns under your control. But the very first attempt to use your control surfaces at full power makes you feel like a stone: falling down, unable to level-off. I guess it's possible to script a "flight model", that will deal with velocities, angular velocities, gravity, angles of attack etc, taking to account what I've said just above... However tweaking the "height limit" itself could save me from such a headache Talidan, you've suggested me once to report about some xml function that doesn't do what it should, thanks for the advise; do I need to report this one now, or the feature is kinda "useless" and there're no chances to see it implemented in further versions of MTA, or maybe that can be done by myself or whatever..? Rephrasing somebody says "Sky is not a limit", I have to say "It is".
  5. I've been searching for anyone already asked my question, but found nothing, so here's it. I was very happy when discovered that MTA game world doesn't have any limits along the X and Y axes (like SA-MP has), but I'd be 10 times more happy if MTA Team guys could remove the Z axe limit as well (that one which kicks you down when you achieve the altitude of 800 units). I know, this is not so highly important thing to deal with immidiatelly, still could you tell me if there's at least a possibility of removing that "roof". Of course, there're interiors above as far as I know, but aren't they in different dimensions and so on? Hope anybody can give me a nice answer
  6. Can't fight that, it keeps to create new file in "deathmatch" folder.. So there're "resources", Client.dll and that damn "localConfig.xml", which I need to be in other place. Can't believe that nobody ever faced with this. Am I the Chosen One?
  7. Resource folder is "..\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\testmod" Just found that new.xml in "..\MTA San Andreas\mods\deathmatch", however it should be placed in "..\MTA San Andreas\mods\deathmatch\resources\testmod" as far as I understand. Still, can't see what's wrong. Don't have any Cyrillic in folders paths, if that matters. As for xmlUnloadFile - sure, simply missed that in code, it doesn't affect anything, right?
  8. Hello. Here's bit of simple client-side code: default_file = xmlLoadFile("default.xml") new_file = xmlCopyFile(default_file,"new.xml") xmlSaveFile(new_file) The idea is to obtain an exact copy of a "default.xml" file given, and to rename the copy into "new.xml". Both functions returns what they should, means not "false", but nothing named "new.xml" appears in client-side game mod directory. Where's mistake? It's very pity that some functions don't have according examples at MTA-wiki page, so I have to ask for help here. Hope someone can give me such a nice example.
  9. Krom

    GUI Images

    I wasn't mentioned any "needle" and "speed-o-meter" at all, btw The whole point is nothing else than "I need to rotate an image". Anyway, may it be 360 of images for now, till they give us that awesome new CEGUI version.
  10. Krom

    GUI Images

    Now it's clear, thanks. As for that "speedo", DX drawing can help in some cases. But it's useless, if you want to rotate an image.
  11. Krom

    GUI Images

    Don't know if you think it's a very important function to add, but could you give us an ability to rotate GUI static Images? It's boring and abnormal to draw 360 similar images, and then replace them one by one. Having such a nice way to deal with image could make my life much more easier, guys
  12. Krom

    Images alpha

    50p, thankyou. Exactly, I was only interested does MTA "understand" the transparency of images and is able to display them correctly.
  13. Krom

    Images alpha

    Hello, topic says it all. Imagine a black square with white circle inside - a simple png. Can I make that circle to be not the white one, but fully transparent, like you could see what's below the black square through this circle window. Of course I need this while in-Game.. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
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