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  1. watch the litle bar it goes up everyday...expect a new release soon...atleast thats what i hear
  2. ok...... stay away from me
  3. well thanks...I thought it was some hidden thing ....anyway i can get my hands on it any other way other then waiting?
  4. Ummm no i have plaied manhunt before on the servers
  5. I havent seen it around...How do i run manhunt on my server
  6. I hack from sea to shining sea
  7. I usually host a small 4 player server one a day around night time its an american one the names Sami's Server. Usually no cheaters check it out i am hosting one right now warning if anyone cheats on my server you will be hacked
  8. Agree's Move this Please
  9. o sorry didn't see the gang thingy anyways answer two more quetions why is black dragons spide man dance gay and WTF does 50 post have to do with anything?
  10. o sorry forgot the link...... http://www.mtaphos.tk/ there are about 15 people in the gang AND I DON'T HAVE 50 POST BECAUSE I DON'T WANA HAVE 50 POSTS and let me ask you a question! Why is your spiderman doing a gay dance?????
  11. Just wanted to post to let alot of people know about my new clan (Phoenixes) and just askin if anyone wants to join just go to the main page here to find out about us
  12. sami

    10057 ERROR

    ok i am new to the borde and mta.... i have been geting 10057 error messages and i have win xp home eddiont when ever i try to join a game.. i just seen a topic like this one get closed because they said look it up one of the moderators but guess what i looked it up on the borde and still found no help so what i am asking is there anyway around or to fix this buG and i am not going to go looking around the borde using every word in the english dictionary to find a solotion that someone obveously did not make good subject headings for................. i am willing to add some extra coding into the game if some one just tells me what to add in
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