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  1. Before you go ahead, I should mention these are not race maps, they're just normal maps perhaps best suited to an RP, Freeroam or maybe even a Death-Matching server. THEY ARE NOT RACE MAPS! All of these are maps which were initially made for a server, however, due to a slight decline in players, playing GTA in general the plans for the server have been scrapped. This means that the maps which were made for the server are all of superb quality, nothing tacky or cheap has been put in place. I've made everything a server could ever want, a bank to an office, a staff canteen and even a hospital there is tons of stuff and check out the hyperlink I've put below for more information! Without further ado, the maps, videos, and screenshots are posted below. As this is a bit of a big screenshot with all the pictures of the maps slotted in, click here to view it! After creating this picture I realised I missed one Map out, which was the hospital, one of the biggest maps I've made! Click here to watch a short video I made a while back! If you have any comments you wish to make please feel free to do so! As for the pricing, feel free to make an offer you feel is suitable over PM, NO TIME-WASTERS! -And as it is a collection of maps rather than just a single map, please make a reasonable offer...
  2. Faheem

    Timing Out

    Hi, thanks for your help guys, but after going thru minor detail I realised that the issue was being caused by 2 wireless adapters enabled connected to the same wireless network at the same time, MTA was obviously using the integrated laptop adapter, and seeing as the laptop has just recently been moved, and is now situated under a bedside draw that could be why. To cut a long story short I think I've found a fix, though I'm not sure whether it's a permanent solution I will come back to you if I experience problems in the future. Thank you
  3. this is exactly the problem i am encountering except its on mta v 1.3
  4. Faheem

    Timing Out

    Yes I do http://unique-gaming.com/index.php What does that have to do with my problem lol.
  5. Faheem

    Timing Out

    I live in Leicester, United Kingdom. My ping is fine in game, and there are a lot of people from the UK that play on the server and have no issues what so ever. The server I play on is uniQue Gaming, originally initiated on SA-MP and then moved to MTA recently.
  6. Faheem

    Timing Out

    Anyone, I usually get a message saying: Connection with the Server Lost. Or Network Trouble and then it disconnects.
  7. Faheem

    Timing Out

    Although I've just registered on the MTA:SA forums, I am not a newbie to MTA SanAndreas and SanAndreas in general, just thought I'd point that out before I start talking. Well i've had a major problem since i've upgraded to 1.3, everytime I'm in game I time out every 5 minutes or so, this is most obvious when I got AFK for a couple of minutes however, the issue is there in game too, when I'm playing I randomly disconnect, its getting reasonably annoying now, I've uninstalled 1.3 a few times now and made sure before reinstalling that there weren't any files left over. What makes it annoying is that several times in the middle of an RP situation I time out, or in a police chase I time out its incredibly annoying messes the scene up. The thing is though that it's only me that is experiencing this problem- I'd appreciate if I could get help....do keep in mind its just started happening on 1.3, I'm not downloading anything and several speedtests carried out show that my internet speed is fine... If I've posted it in the wrong section please may an admin move it Many Thanks, Faheem
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