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  1. TheGuyNL


    Hey, I got a VPS and a mta server running on it but when I close my ssh connection the server stops aswell. How do I prevent it from doing this?
  2. TheGuyNL


    Hello, what is the permission for admin B? Thanks
  3. Yes, I know that but I want that the player can select a map from a list and then buy it as next map. Not redo the current map (which is already in my stat system as a command named: !buy redo)
  4. getRunningGamemodeMap gives me the current map but not the selected map, or does it?
  5. So with getRunningGamemodeMap I can get the mapname to use set nextmap with?
  6. Of course, it's always running with race.
  7. Hello, So I am making this mapshop for my server. A friend send me his old mapshop but it comes up with an error: ERROR: call: failed to call 'mapmanager:getGamemodeMap' [string "?"] It actually spams the console with this error when you try to open the GUI. Here is my server-side script: mapCost = 5000 -- Maps function getServerMaps (loadList) local tableOut if loadList then tableOut = {} -- local deletedMaps = {} local gamemodes = {} gamemodes = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getGamemodes") for id,gamemode in ipairs (gamemodes) do tableOut[id] = {} tableOut[id].name = getResourceInfo(gamemode, "name") or getResourceName(gamemode) tableOut[id].resname = getResourceName(gamemode) tableOut[id].maps = {} local maps = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getMapsCompatibleWithGamemode" , gamemode) for _,map in ipairs (maps) do table.insert(tableOut[id]["maps"] ,{name = getResourceInfo(map, "name") or getResourceName(map), resname = getResourceName(map)}) end table.sort(tableOut[id]["maps"], sortCompareFunction) end table.sort((tableOut), sortCompareFunction) table.insert(tableOut, {name = "no gamemode", resname = "no gamemode", maps = {}}) local countGmodes = #tableOut local maps = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getMapsCompatibleWithGamemode") for id,map in ipairs (maps) do -- if fileOpen(":"..getResourceName(map).."/deleted") then -- table.insert(deletedMaps ,{name = getResourceInfo(map, "name") or getResourceName(map), resname = getResourceName(map)}) -- else table.insert(tableOut[countGmodes]["maps"] ,{name = getResourceInfo(map, "name") or getResourceName(map), resname = getResourceName(map)}) -- end end -- table.sort(deletedMaps, sortCompareFunction) table.sort(tableOut[countGmodes]["maps"], sortCompareFunction) -- table.insert(tableOut, {name = "deleted maps", resname = "deleted maps", maps = {}}) -- local countGmodes = countGmodes + 1 -- tableOut[countGmodes]["maps"] = deletedMaps end local map = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getRunningGamemodeMap") local gamemode = call(getResourceFromName("mapmanager"), "getRunningGamemode") gamemode = gamemode and getResourceName(gamemode) or "N/A" map = map and getResourceName(map) or "N/A" callClientFunction(loadList,"loadMaps", tableOut, gamemode, map) end function sortCompareFunction(s1, s2) if type(s1) == "table" and type(s2) == "table" then s1, s2 = s1.name, s2.name end s1, s2 = s1:lower(), s2:lower() if s1 == s2 then return false end local byte1, byte2 = string.byte(s1:sub(1,1)), string.byte(s2:sub(1,1)) if not byte1 then return true elseif not byte2 then return false elseif byte1 < byte2 then return true elseif byte1 == byte2 then return sortCompareFunction(s1:sub(2), s2:sub(2)) else return false end end function callGetMaps() for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do callClientFunction(player,"getMaps") end end addCommandHandler("rebuildMaps",callGetMaps) -- Buy as next map function buyMap(thePlayer,mapName) local account = getPlayerAccount(player) local playerCash = getAccountData(acount,"cash") if mapIsAlreadySet == false then if not (mapName == "") then if playerCash >= mapCost then triggerEvent("onExternalNextmapRequest",thePlayer,thePlayer,mapName) else outputChatBox("#FF6600* You don't have enough money to set a map!",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end else outputChatBox("#FF6600* Please select a map from the list first!",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end else outputChatBox("#FF6600* A map is already set at the moment! Please try again later.",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end else outputChatBox("#FF6600* A map is already set at the moment! Please try again later.",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) end function resetMapSetStatus() mapIsAlreadySet = false end addEventHandler("onMapStarting",getRootElement(),resetMapSetStatus) addEvent("onScriptSetNextMap",true) addEventHandler("onScriptSetNextMap",getRootElement(), function (mapName) thePlayer = source local playerCash = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"cash")) savePlayerData(thePlayer,"cash",playerCash-mapCost) outputChatBox("#FF6600Nextmap: #FFFFFF"..getPlayerName(thePlayer).."#FF6600 has bought a next map!",getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) outputChatBox("#FF6600Nextmap: "..mapName,getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) mapIsAlreadySet = true scoreboardRefresh(thePlayer) achievement31(thePlayer) end) addEvent("onRaceSetNextMap",true) addEventHandler("onRaceSetNextMap",getRootElement(), function () mapIsAlreadySet = true end) Here is the client-side scipt: -- "Maps" TAB gridMaps = guiCreateGridList(17,51,315,285,false,mapGui[1]) guiGridListSetSortingEnabled(gridMaps,false) guiGridListAddColumn(gridMaps,"Map name",0.9) lblMapsInfo = guiCreateLabel(342,210,245,45,"Each map costs $5000, regardless whether it's DM or DD.",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(lblMapsInfo,"center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(lblMapsInfo,"center",true) guiSetFont(lblMapsInfo,"default-bold-small") lblTotalMapsOnServer = guiCreateLabel(342,28,193,19,"Total maps on the server: N/A",false,mapGui[1]) guiSetFont(lblTotalMapsOnServer,"default-bold-small") lblTotalDmMaps = guiCreateLabel(342,47,193,19,"Total DM maps: N/A",false,mapGui[1]) guiSetFont(lblTotalDmMaps,"default-bold-small") lblTotalDdMaps = guiCreateLabel(342,62,193,19,"Total DD maps: N/A",false,mapGui[1]) guiSetFont(lblTotalDdMaps,"default-bold-small") lblSetNextMapTitle = guiCreateLabel(342,189,245,16,"Set as next map",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblSetNextMapTitle,255,120,0) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(lblSetNextMapTitle,"center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(lblSetNextMapTitle,"center",false) guiSetFont(lblSetNextMapTitle,"default-bold-small") lblSearchForMaps = guiCreateLabel(25,25,101,14,"Search for maps:",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblSearchForMaps,255,120,0) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(lblSearchForMaps,"center") guiSetFont(lblSearchForMaps,"default-bold-small") lblSelectedMapNameTitle = guiCreateLabel(342,97,245,16,"Selected map name:",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblSelectedMapNameTitle,150,255,150) guiSetFont(lblSelectedMapNameTitle,"default-bold-small") lblSelectedMapAuthorTitle = guiCreateLabel(342,136,245,16,"Map type:",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblSelectedMapAuthorTitle,150,255,150) guiSetFont(lblSelectedMapAuthorTitle,"default-bold-small") lblSelectedMapName = guiCreateLabel(342,113,245,16,"N/A",false,mapGui[1]) lblSelectedMapAuthor = guiCreateLabel(342,152,245,16,"N/A",false,mapGui[1]) lblMapTabLine1 = guiCreateLabel(342,309,245,27,"---------------------------------------------------------------",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblMapTabLine1,255,120,0) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(lblMapTabLine1,"center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(lblMapTabLine1,"center",false) guiSetFont(lblMapTabLine1,"default-bold-small") lblMapTabLine2 = guiCreateLabel(342,173,245,16,"---------------------------------------------------------------",false,mapGui[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblMapTabLine2,255,120,0) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(lblMapTabLine2,"center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(lblMapTabLine2,"center",false) guiSetFont(lblMapTabLine2,"default-bold-small") lblMapTabLine3 = guiCreateLabel(342,81,245,16,"---------------------------------------------------------------",false,tabs[1]) guiLabelSetColor(lblMapTabLine3,255,120,0) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(lblMapTabLine3,"center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(lblMapTabLine3,"center",false) guiSetFont(lblMapTabLine3,"default-bold-small") editMapSearch = guiCreateEdit(129,23,198,21,"",false,tabs[1]) btnBuyNextMap = guiCreateButton(380,265,169,44,"Buy as next map - $5000",false,tabs[1]) function onresourceStart () bindKey ("F1", "down", displayTab) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), onresourceStart) function displayTab(openTab) local visible = guiGetVisible(mapGui[1]) if visible == false then guiSetVisible(mapGui[1],true) else guiSetVisible(mapGui[1],false) end end function getMaps() totalServerMaps = 0 totalDmMaps = 0 totalDdMaps = 0 setTimer(callServerFunction,500,1,"getServerMaps",getLocalPlayer()) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),getMaps) function loadMaps(gamemodeMapTable, gamemode, map) guiGridListClear(gridMaps) if gamemodeMapTable then aGamemodeMapTable = gamemodeMapTable for id,gamemode in pairs (gamemodeMapTable) do if (gamemode.name == "Race") then for id,map in ipairs (gamemode.maps) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( gridMaps ) guiGridListSetItemText ( gridMaps, row, 1, map.name, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemData ( gridMaps, row, 1, map.resname) updateMapLabels(1) end end end end end -- Map search function mapSearch() guiGridListClear(gridMaps) local searchString = string.lower(guiGetText(editMapSearch)) if ( searchString == "" ) then for id,gamemode in pairs (aGamemodeMapTable) do if (gamemode.name == "Race") then for id,map in ipairs (gamemode.maps) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( gridMaps ) guiGridListSetItemText ( gridMaps, row, 1, map.name, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemData ( gridMaps, row, 1, map.resname) end end end else for id,gamemode in pairs (aGamemodeMapTable) do if (gamemode.name == "Race") then local noMapsFound = true for id,map in ipairs (gamemode.maps) do if string.find(string.lower(map.name.." "..map.resname), searchString, 1, true) then local row = guiGridListAddRow ( gridMaps ) guiGridListSetItemText ( gridMaps, row, 1, map.name, false, false ) guiGridListSetItemData ( gridMaps, row, 1, map.resname) noMapsFound = false end end if noMapsFound == true then local row = guiGridListAddRow(gridMaps) guiGridListSetItemText (gridMaps, row, 1, "No maps matching your search query!", false, false) guiGridListSetItemColor (gridMaps, row, 1, 255,50,50) end end end end updateMapLabels(2) end function buyNextMap() local row,column = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(gridMaps) local mapName = guiGridListGetItemText(gridMaps,row,1) callServerFunction("buyMap",getLocalPlayer(),mapName) end -- Update labels function updateMapLabels(updateMode) if updateMode == 1 then guiSetText(lblTotalMapsOnServer,"Total maps on the server: "..totalServerMaps) guiSetText(lblTotalDmMaps,"Total DM Maps: "..totalDmMaps) guiSetText(lblTotalDdMaps,"Total DD Maps: "..totalDdMaps) else local row,column = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(gridMaps) local mapName = guiGridListGetItemText(gridMaps,row,1) if mapName == "" then guiSetText(lblSelectedMapName,"N/A") guiSetText(lblSelectedMapAuthor,"N/A") else guiSetText(lblSelectedMapName,mapName) if string.find(mapName,"[DM]",1,true) then guiSetText(lblSelectedMapAuthor,"Deathmatch") elseif string.find(mapName,"[DD]",1,true) then guiSetText(lblSelectedMapAuthor,"Destruction Derby") elseif string.find(mapName,"[FUN]",1,true) then guiSetText(lblSelectedMapAuthor,"Fun map") else guiSetText(lblSelectedMapAuthor,"UNKNOWN") end end end end Thanks in advance for helping me!
  8. TheGuyNL


    Again, thanks alot.
  9. TheGuyNL


    Something else, what is the function to restart a map? to make a command like /redo
  10. TheGuyNL


    Thanks! This works great.
  11. TheGuyNL


    Is there an event for when a new map loads? I need my cash in the scoreboard to update after a new map loads, how do I do this? Here is my script: exports["scoreboard"]:scoreboardAddColumn("Cash") exports["scoreboard"]:scoreboardAddColumn("Points") function setStats(player) local account = getPlayerAccount(player) if (account) then local cash = getAccountData(account, "cash") local points = getAccountData(account, "points") setElementData ( player, "Cash", "$" ..cash.. "" ) setElementData ( player, "Points", points ) else setElementData ( player, "Cash", "guest" ) setElementData ( player, "Points", "guest" ) end end function timer() setTimer( setStats, 1000, 1, source ) end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), timer) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), timer)
  12. Hey, How can I make the killmessages support name colours? Thanks.
  13. TheGuyNL


    Tried, didn't work
  14. TheGuyNL


    In what lua should I look in the race resource?
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