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  1. thanx i have downloaded mIRC uk for the xp is that correct and thanx for the link
  2. i dont understand irc what is it and how do i get on to it like for instance i go on giveit2me4free web page but it is underdevlopment and the alternate is irc havern givit2me4free and i cant get on it plz someone tell me what it is and what to do thanx devilswrath
  3. vice city isnt the 4th its just an extra the 4th gta is due early next year and its san adreas set same time and place as the frist
  4. i am just wondering about the front page where it shows mta 3 and mta vc 2 i am asking my self and i wonder if someone could put me right mta vc 1 as just been released ok and now they r making mta vc 2 ok why is mta 3 not been relased yet i dont want to buy gta vc coz i have it on the ps2 but by the looks ov things mta 3 as been scraped and vc is the new consern so i might have to buy a copy please someone enlighten me with help and tell me why mta 3 is no way near completion yet i am moving soon and i hoped to try it b4 then (the realse time was said about mta vc was out ) i am sorry if i seem to nag but it seems that i will have to waste money getting vc and it seems like the mta team have forgot about mta 3 thanx devilswrath
  5. i know we r not to ask for a release date on mta 3.5 but i am dieing to know i have gta and i dont want to waste money on getting gta vc so please someone tell will the mta .3.5 b as good as u say will i beable to do things like in singleplayer mode and plz plz tell when the thing is expected for release i hope it is soon i was told it was due out the same time as mta vc but yet i cant find it thanx devilswrath
  6. thanx again people and i KNOW where the full stop is thanx .............. just i dont use it on forums and chat people know what i am goin on about all the same also i just wondered does anyone know when the next version is expected and does anyone know [edit by xerox]where i can throw myself off a bridge? - DONT REQEUST CRACKS IN HERE [/edit]thank you people anyway ttfn
  7. thank you for your help people but i just dont understand it thats all its just that if lots of people have downloaded it but nobodys playing it anyway thank you again for the help and i will just have to wait for the next version devilswrath
  8. can someone plz tell me somthing i have just gotten gta3 and the mta conversion i had a look to see how many people had downloaded it and it says about 100,000 people have downloaded it so why the hell when i run the ase that it only shows between 2 to 5 servers and there are only a couple of people i think that buying gta3 was a waste of time and money coz i thought i would be able to play online with other people i already have this game for the ps2 and its cool so can someone please tell me where is everyone please b4 i snap the disks in half with frustration thank you to who ever can tell me if i have gone wrong somewhere or its just that people r not interested in the game thanx again devilswrath
  9. and the4 run time error says address family not supported thanx again
  10. i am in need of ppl expertice i cant get started on the game i get the rolling credits and so i click on send game request and i get a run time error 10047 plz plz plz can someone help me i have just bought the game and i so badly want to play the game thank you any help and i would be gratful thanx devilswrath
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