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  1. very bad recording... also bad edit ... track is good but there is no deco ...
  2. i would like to record your map here is my skype stg--boy youtube : www.youtube.com/sergesieniejo1 i will record when i'm back from holiday bye... btw nice map
  3. i hope u enjoy:3 watch more vids and subscribe me plz... btw i'm getting bored plz give me a challenge :3
  4. srry the intro is fail i can still see the map editor buttons and no widescreen but map is ok
  5. awesome u fucking pro also subscribe the awesome channel guys i saw some cool videos.
  6. the map is good but i don't like it rlly. i like your style like your v6 more. ReMX*
  7. 1- u just say that because u can't stunt 2- there are not 999999999 guys that play mta -
  8. ok but it is just my first stunt montage i will do next time better ^^
  9. hey all, i want to present my first stunt montage #1 Drivers: BulleT ioReN Exclusiv introbass and myself ReMX*
  10. lot of unique ideas some sucks a little but some are awesome i give this map a 8,5 good job^^
  11. FT. ReMX* u can contact me on skype stg--boy
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