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    This is a [beta] release for the turret resource. The resource is about creating turrets in your world and assigning owners to it (account-names). Followers/profile visitors will be able to download the resource before anybody else. See [BETA] download below. The resource will be available on the community once all ? are found and important features (from you guys?) are implemented.


    Feature list:

    • Custom rockets  (Customizable through Lua scripting)
      The behaviour of rockets are writing from scratch. Heat-seeking ones even support re-sync position/orientation.
    • Turret creation and management
    • Replace all rockets with custom ones (Feature can be enabled/disabled through the resource settings)
    • Easter egg
      Can be found within area69. Once triggered something will change in the game.



    Resource settings in admin panel:

    The available settings will enable and disable the replacements of default rockets with custom rockets.

    • On foot (recommended ping < 150)
    • Vehicle (recommended ping < 80)

    If the recommendations are not met, nothing bad will happen as you can't get hit by your own rockets, but it might look a bit weird for the rocket creator ?. The rockets are created serverside, this means that the one that creates them will notice a delay[ping] between firing and seeing the rocket. For the other players  the moment of creation should look OK.



    Open GUI?

    • Login as admin

      Modify scripts/security_s.lua if you want this to work differently





    • Add/remove turret
    • Multi user support (limited to 1 editor for each turret)
    • Set position/orientation
    • Add/remove turret owners (account-names)



    Pros custom rockets

    • Re sync heat-seeking rockets
    • Multi syncers
    • More reliable rocket speed. People with low FPS will see the same speed as players with high FPS.
    • Customizable without GTA restrictions.
    • Can be created serverside.

    Cons custom rockets

    • More CPU will be used to compute the custom behaviour of the projectiles. (Serverside as well as clientside)
    • More data will be transferred between client and server.
    • Not streamable from clientside. (Creates a delay[ping] for the rocket creator)




    Special thanks to:


    [BETA] Resource download:


    Enjoy. Don't forget to leave some feedback!


    Hint for the easter egg, if you can't find it. ?




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