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  1. If you mean in the router configuration then no
  2. Hi all as the title says i cant open the ports of my router Zyxel P600 Series. I already tried to open the ports in the firewall of windows (i added the 3 ports as enter rules and exit rules [i dont know if its well written]). The only ports that shows open is the TCP 22005. Here is some caps
  3. Hi! I have a problem i change my password by mistake and now i dont know how to change it again. I know the accounts are in file internal.db and theres a program to edit that file (sqlite browser) but how can i change my password account? All i see is this: Its like compiled password anyone know is there a way to write password and then compiled it?
  4. Hi all i saw this video and i like the first script (weapon shown over players head when hit someone) but idk where can i get it. Someone that have this script can upload it please?
  5. yes i can edit it with notepad thanks
  6. Well i need to edit a .LNG file of a resource (Tactics) (spanish.lng) cuz some words are incorrect
  7. How can i turn on weapon_hit.mp3 ?
  8. Already solve it i put in meta.xml this: And work
  9. Hi all! I installed the last version of the A/D Aspect today but i have this problem: I did everything necessary to run it (add aspect in group admin , allow aspect functions) but it gives me this error PD: I tried to set in mtaserver.conf the min client version to 1.3.0-9.04491.0 but nothing happened
  10. I already download it but i saw a bug in bases that the spawn is bug and the base crashes lol EDIT : This image in aspect is bug (cant see anything of that) http://img803.imageshack.us/img803/1549 ... 224158.png
  11. Well im looking for Aspect ... someone have it on their PC and uploaded it ? or knows a link to download?
  12. Tapl the reason why i was looking for a meta generator its for im looking for Aspect 1.0.3 for my server and a friend of me found it and he pass me the resource via msn BUT the resource doesnt come with meta.xml and server side so i create the meta but the server i dont know how to create it thats why im asking here
  13. Heres the client : http://pastebin.com/ayF3vTzA i cant put it in Lua tags the file has much characters
  14. there isnt a server file in the resource lol so how can i fix this?
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